Friends and foes of Colorado taxpayers |

Friends and foes of Colorado taxpayers

Dear Editor,

On the 117th day of the year, April 27, the average American will have earned enough money to pay their tax bill for the year 2002. This is commonly known as Tax Freedom Day. This means Americans will have to work longer to pay for government than they will for food, clothing, and shelter combined. It takes the average American 106 days to pay for these items. Only in the last decade have taxes exceeded spending on these basic necessities. The question then is why is more and more of our hard-earned money going to the government?

The blame can be placed directly upon our elected officials. A report by the National Taxpayers Union, a group that is both nonpartisan and unbiased, rated the members of the U.S. Senate and members of the House of Representatives on their voting record. The rating for each is based on “Every vote that significantly affects taxes, debt, and regulatory burdens on consumers and taxpayers.” The report names the Taxpayers’ Friends and the Big Spenders.

The top ten Taxpayers’ Friends in the Senate are all Republican. In fact, Colorado Senator Wayne Allard scored the best in the Senate and best over all. Thank you very much, Mr. Allard.

In the House, again the top ten friends of the taxpayer are all Republican. Colorado Representatives Tancredo, Schaffer, and Hefley all are in the top ten. Thank you, gentlemen.

Although they were not in the top ten, the nonpartisan Taxpayers Union gave Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Rep. Scott McInnis, both Republican, each a grade of B+. Again, thanks go out to these two gentlemen; however, gentlemen, please note that the voters in Colorado do expect this grade to improve.

As far as the Big Spenders, in the Senate the top ten are all Democrat. The biggest of the Big Spenders is none other than the Democratic Senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It seems as if this woman has a problem with spending other people’s money … and she wants to be president?

In the House the top ten Big Spenders are also all Democrat. The two Colorado Democrats in the House, Rep. Mark Udall and Rep. Diana DeGette, just missed the top ten list of Big Spenders, both scored a disappointing grade of F.

One can only hope the voters will remember these statistics come November, and hopefully the voters that Udall and DeGette represent will give them what they deserve in November, a resounding thanks but no thanks.

Thank you,

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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