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There is something inherently morbid about watching someone’s last role. Especially in this case, when his character is so remarkably chaotic.

Being uncomfortable watching Heath Ledger’s last moments on screen is something we should all be very aware of. Not only was it phenomenal acting, but the fact that it still makes us squirm is a good thing. It shows us that we can still feel on a real level, beyond film.

Director Christopher Nolan needs to be given due credit here for “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight.” He is taking Batman back to his roots ” back to 1989, when Tim Burton and Michael Keaton had a love affair for gritty gore, and where the true root for Ledger’s accurately insane Joker began. One has to wonder what that experience was to him. And not only that, but how his costars are feeling as well.

Christian Bale is an extremely seasoned actor with many, many incredible films to his name. This, however, was the first where his costar was dead before the film came to the public.

All of this is what we should take with us when going to view “The Dark Knight,” even though, and especially because of, how it makes us feel.

On another note, it was very interesting how Batman left us in this segment. Turning Batman into the villain is a new twist on this character. First James Bond is blond. Now Batman is the bad guy. Where will Hollywood take us next?

Three of four stars

Not only has Ron Perlman not gotten nearly the credit due for his exceptional portrayal of Hellboy, but the fact the Guillermo del Toro jumped on board as writer and director should have sky rocketed this film to comic-nerd royalty immediately.

It made money, but I hope “Hellboy II” goes down as one of the most unique cult-films in history. It has all the makings of cult-film gold: dark anti-heroes and even darker enemies, and a perfectly satirical commentary on humanity.

What does it mean when the devil plays our hero? What does it say about us, about America, and its truths? If the devil is now fighting for us, then who are we fighting against exactly?

In “Hellboy II” we watch as the son of Lucifer battles a very old and very powerful culture lying deep beneath our reaches. This culture has a pact with humanity ” and like any good pact, we have ignored it and destroyed any hope for peace.

As Hellboy battles his way through the underworld saving us, he is fathering his own spawn with his presumably perfect other half. She creates fire, and he is fire proof.

The first “Hellboy” starts with a logical question, what makes a man? Is it his upbringing or his origin? While this is an age old question that has yet to be answered, one has to wonder if it does, in fact, apply to everyone, including the Devil.

Good for you del Toro.

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