From our readers: Let’s name the new bridge |

From our readers: Let’s name the new bridge

Here's an overview from the west of the new bridge footprint.

Last Wednesday, we asked readers what they would name the new Grand Avenue bridge. It was all in good fun, just a way to distract from traffic headaches. We got a lot of interesting answers though. Any you would add to the list below?

  • Bridgezilla
  • Bridgemageddon
  • Steve
  • Bertha
  • Bruce
  • Bridgey McBridgeface
  • A Tale of Two Bridges
  • Roaring Fork Bridge
  • PIMA or PITA
  • Spanlorado
  • Doc’s Crossing
  • Over Kill
  • Defiance Bridge
  • The New Los Angeles Freeway
  • The Traffic Killer
  • THE GLENWOOD SPRINGS GRAND BRIDGE: The bridge to the Past, the Present and the Untold Future
  • The Bridge of Heart and Soul
  • Purgatory
  • Bout Damn Time Bridge
  • The Gwood Hustle
  • Gridlock
  • GABby
  • GSEAPI (Glenwood Springs Elevated Automobile and Pedestrian Interchange) pronounced “Giuseppe”
  • Road Rage Bridge