From our readers: Let’s name the new bridge |

From our readers: Let’s name the new bridge

Here's an overview from the west of the new bridge footprint.
Greg DeRosa / Premier Aerials |

Last Wednesday, we asked readers what they would name the new Grand Avenue bridge. It was all in good fun, just a way to distract from traffic headaches. We got a lot of interesting answers though. Any you would add to the list below?

  • Bridgezilla
  • Bridgemageddon
  • Steve
  • Bertha
  • Bruce
  • Bridgey McBridgeface
  • A Tale of Two Bridges
  • Roaring Fork Bridge
  • PIMA or PITA
  • Spanlorado
  • Doc’s Crossing
  • Over Kill
  • Defiance Bridge
  • The New Los Angeles Freeway
  • The Traffic Killer
  • THE GLENWOOD SPRINGS GRAND BRIDGE: The bridge to the Past, the Present and the Untold Future
  • The Bridge of Heart and Soul
  • Purgatory
  • Bout Damn Time Bridge
  • The Gwood Hustle
  • Gridlock
  • GABby
  • GSEAPI (Glenwood Springs Elevated Automobile and Pedestrian Interchange) pronounced “Giuseppe”
  • Road Rage Bridge

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