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Fudd should join armed forces

R.T. Moolick

Dear Editor,

I just finished reading “The Honeymoon is Over” by Bernie “Fudd” Boettcher.

What a disgusting and un-American complaining tirade from a man who claims to live in Silt, not Aspen.

My advice to him, provided he has some semblance of courage, is to join the military immediately and get a taste of the armed forces before the Iraqi war is over.

Now, if he’s man enough to do that, he will come out with a much healthier view of life than when he went in.

As of now, he smacks of being a Clinton fan. Clinton is a man who lacked the “guts” to fight for his country.

I can tell you one thing, Fudd. Your “lack of courage” column certainly doesn’t belong in this Glenwood Springs newspaper. The majority of its readers think Bush is doing a good job, and they don’t whine.


R.T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

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