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Fulfilling dreams at Littlest Angels

Sean Johnson
Post Independent Intern
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Many couples experience heartache when they discover they cannot have children. This overwhelming news can leave a couple hopeless, but many turn to adoption as an alternative.

Littlest Angels, an adoption agency located in Colorado, specializes in finding children a home and giving couples the chance to be parents. The agency focuses on infant adoptions, regionally and internationally, and from countries including Peru and Ethiopia.

John and Kristy (requested last name to not be used) started the process to adopt a baby over a year ago. The process was quick, but since then one mother pulled out of the adoption about four weeks prior to the due date and they have found one to be a scam for a child from Africa.

“When the phone rings from Littlest Angels the thought of ‘Is it time?’ goes through our minds every time,” Kristy said.

Waiting is a time of anxiousness, nerves and being ready all at the same time. Kristy stated the waiting is the slow part.

Littlest Angels deals primarily in the Western Slope. A lot of effort goes into making sure the parents are adequate and stable enough to adopt a child. The agency has an open adoption policy, which means the birth parents can get pictures, letters and, in some cases, have contact with the child.

Prior to the home study, background checks are conducted to ensure no past criminal history or chronic illnesses are present for both individuals. Many couples say they feel they are under a microscope, said Littlest Angels Director Sandra Whitton.

“We make sure they are wonderful,” Whitton said.

A home study includes a minimum of three home visits and a visit with each person separately. Along with these visits a packet is to be filled out, fingerprints are taken in conjunction with the background check and three references need to be provided to get the process going.

Littlest Angels is Hague-accredited, which is important and a prominent factor in today’s society. For accreditation, many hoops are jumped through to ensure that child trafficking is not taking place. This is an assurance that the children being adopted can legally be adopted and ensure they’re not stolen children.

After the home study is conducted and written, it is presented to the parents to be approved. If adopting internationally, the study is approved by the state and then sent to United States Citizenship Immigration Services, which grants international adoption approval. If adopting regionally or within the United States, the study will only need to be approved by the state.

Whitton said the hardest part is the fact that not many children are being put up for adoption and she has adoptive parents who are waiting to give children a good home.

John and Kristy are one of these couples and, for them, the waiting is not very easy. They chose Littlest Angels because it is an agency that is more financially attuned to its budget.

Other agencies they looked at that offer expedited adoptions require $30,000 to $40,000 for the process. Even though the process is a little slower with Littlest Angels, the agency is giving them the chance to adopt, and they are happy about that fact.

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