GAPP actually speeding up Grand Avenue traffic |

GAPP actually speeding up Grand Avenue traffic

Greg Massé

GLENWOOD SPRINGS – Police chief Terry Wilson said even with the Grand Avenue Paving Project under way, driving along Grand Avenue is faster than ever. Wilson attributes the quick commute to several of the traffic signals being turned off during the project. “I’ve had some people saying it was the easiest commute they’ve had in 15 years,” he said. “When you eliminate that many turns and stop lights, it goes a lot more smoothly.”There is, however, one small glitch.”We’re getting some interference out on the road with the simultaneous utility project, but other than that it’s going really well,” he said. Wilson said side roads have become more congested as people seek alternatives to Grand Avenue, but he insists using these roads is unnecessary. “I don’t want to have too many people using side streets; they’re not designed traffic-control-wise to handle so much traffic,” he said. Wilson also wanted to warn tractor-trailer and dump truck drivers to stay off Midland Avenue because it has a 10,000 pound weight restriction. On Thursday police officers turned heavy vehicles back, but he said soon the department will have no choice but to issue citations. “We thought this morning was fair warning,” he said on Thursday afternoon. “We don’t want to write a bunch of tickets, but we’ll do that before we have a parade of dump trucks going down Midland,” he said.Contact Greg Massé: 945-8515, ext.

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