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Garfield County Fair

Whoever said, “What happens in the barnyard stays in the barnyard,” was wrong. And I know because how else would a 1,200-pound bull give his swan song?

By now you know my name is Indigo and I won the big prize, but just between you and me, I look forward to the Fair for one reason. People. That and the Animal Planet paparazzi who show up every year. They wait all day for me to poke my snotty nose through the pen and I just figure, hey if it’s reality they want, why not? So, I oblige when I can.

But I see their point, I mean opportunity abounds when you add three goats named Hot Lips, Hawkeye and Houlihan to the mix. Sure, we have our celebrities. You’ve heard of the Velveteen Rabbit, right? That’s Flopsey, same breed.

Not only are animals big business, they help educate the kids. I mean we’re talking Web sites, marketing plans, business cards and the kids filling out their own tax forms.

Keevyn Scholl will use her fair money for college. She’s gonna be a veterinarian or a pilot. Yeah, these kids are gems. They are polite no matter what, like the little cowgirl who confirmed this important fact to a reporter: “Yes ma’am, that is a turkey.”

Then I overheard Caley Gredig talking, and I hope you don’t mind if I paraphrase here, but last year four of our 4-H girls went to Mexico and built a fence around the runway so the “Doctors Without Borders” planes could safely land. This year the kids had 63 exhibits in the fair hall.

So here’s my theory. I mean, market bulls aren’t exactly optimists you know, but what would we do if there was a world embargo? Somebody better know how to sew, build fences, and grow food or else we’re talkin’ about a whole lotta hungry, cold people that’s what. That’s why 4-H is so important, but hey, listen, my time’s up. I mean the looks start to go and it’s hello pasture.

But I’ve done my job. Consider this just a parting of good friends and before you know it, life will begin all over again at the farm and the Fair will be back with a whole new cast of characters.

Okay, so maybe that last observation should stay in the barnyard.

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