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Aiding and abetting criminalsDear Editor,It appears that our government, city, state and national has forgotten that they swore to uphold the laws of the United States. Article IV, Sec. 4 of the Constitution states that our government will protect citizens from invasion from a foreign country. Since the likelihood that matricula consular cards are most likely used by illegal aliens, the government is and abetting people who are committing a crime against the United States.From a recent GSPI article, I understand that the fees were waived, which means the U.S. taxpayer picked up the tab. What is that saying – “Taxation without representation is tyranny”?Wanda WeatherfordLittletonGas prices – market-driven or profit greed?Dear Editor,Yes, we all see what is happening to oil supplies, production and prices. But why is it that our prices go up immediately, with any news reports that oil prices “may or are Anticipating” a rise in the future … yet don’t come down until long after actual oil prices drop and most of the rest of the country drops their pump prices?Why did our pump prices, here in the valley, shoot up over 25 cents per gallon in less than three weeks, when that kind of rise didn’t happen anywhere else in the country?Why is it that our prices always go up in the spring and then again in summer?Why are our prices some 20 cents plus higher per gallon than Grand Junction or Denver? We need to stop believing that it’s because it has something to do with “where” we live.Talking greed by supplies and retailers … what about liquor? Why are prices some 30-70 percent higher?If we are to support local businesses, then maybe they need to consider us, too. Maybe we need to boycott local gougers and buy elsewhere when we can, until they get the message.Bernard FalveyGlenwood SpringsSmokers have rights, tooDear Editor,Again the government wants to tell people how to live their lives. The First Amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievance.” No law! But now the state of Colorado wants to tell me, a U.S. citizen of legal age, who can die for his country in war and vote for its leaders, that I may not be able to smoke in public where I choose. Is that not a contrast from what the Constitution states? Or does that only count for a certain group of citizens? I understand the rights of nonsmokers, truly I do, but are my rights less important? Does that not discriminate against me? In a time where the liberal left preaches everyone to be “politically correct” it is OK to treat smokers as second-class citizens. When we are told to treat all people the same, smokers don’t receive the same treatment. And I agree that all those things are important. But I guess they are not important if you smoke. Believe me, this voter will remember come election day, and I will help ensure others will, too.Mitchel HelleGlenwood SpringsThere are limits to reproductive rightsDear Editor,I must agree whole-heartedly with Jill McConaughy’s assertion in her recent letter that “The ability to control our own fertility is a fundamental human right.” To clarify, however, our rights come with responsibilities, not the least of which is curbing our rights when they abridge the rights of others. We assume the known risks and responsibilities when we choose to engage in sexual activity, which can lead to HIV/AIDS or unwanted pregnancy. The right to control our own fertility should not come at the expense of destroying another human life in development – even if that life is unplanned or unwanted. Women fool themselves if they assume they can “control” their own fertility; the burgeoning assisted reproductive technology industry is growing proof that women actually have a very narrow and changing window of fertility – from menses to menopause. During that time they have the right to create life, if they can and so choose, but not to take it. The right to life is fundamental to all living creatures – and the sperm and egg are both alive when they meet. Life is a continuum greater than each of us; we have no right to interfere with its most natural course.Carolyn CockeyGlenwood SpringsB & H has integrityDear Editor,As most of Carbondale knows, Chris and Terry Chacos have allowed me to pursue a project to build out the property where the Village Smithy Restaurant is currently located. The project was to house a new café and bakery with office spaces upstairs (without changing the Village Smithy). B & H Construction was our choice of a general contractor to complete our project. For a number of reasons this project has proven infeasible in its current form. Though I have never publicly criticized B & H Construction, I would like to clear any misconceptions that may have resulted from my decision to reopen this project for competitive bids. In the end, B & H Construction, without a competitive bid process, had the best proposal of all contractors involved. Hans and Brad have always acted honorably. Their actions only prove their integrity. Though I am disappointed that our project is delayed, rest assured that we are already working on other options. I would also like to thank the other honorable contractors: Simms Construction, John Foulkrod and Divide Creek Construction, and Jacober Brothers Construction for their hard work at trying to make this project work, as well. Lastly, I would like to thank all of the Carbondale patrons who are very excited and tremendously supportive about our project! Charles T. ChacosVillage Smithy and Lulu’s Cafe and BakeryCarbondale

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