Get religion out of politics |

Get religion out of politics

Dear Editor,So, some of the Methodists claim they dont want politics in their church. Funny how each letter writer reveals that what they dont want is politics they disagree with in their church. Each one, however, would welcome George Bush to give them his brand of politics from the pulpit. If Bush isnt an operative for the Republican Party, what is he? What a large number of Americans would like is to get religion out of politics. Frauds, such as faith-based initiatives, which exist solely for the purpose of funneling taxpayer money to churches for the purpose of building a political base in religion, are a case in point. I dont remember one letter from the good Methodists opposing any such tax giveaways. Then, there are those who, having served in the military, think there is some kind of a patriotic litmus test for those who oppose Bushs war. Many others, including myself, have been volunteers in our military. We have a right to demand that service and sacrifice to be used honorably, not for an ever-changing lie. A large fraction of the rest of world view Bush as an aggressor and war criminal. Where are our National Guardsmen and the money needed to help our own people in need from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina? Dying and wasted in Iraq! A county, which like most, do not want our form of government at bayonet point. Impeach the liar, George Bush!Robert W. BoyleGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,During the period from 1998 to 2004, a time span of seven years, the city of Glenwood Springs spent a total of $6,760,891 of our tax funds subsidizing the only departments in the city that are structured to collect fees for the services they provide.The city council, year after year, approved these huge amounts of our tax funds (used as subsidies) to slip through their fingers, and now they wonder why the city is in such a poor financial condition. Three of the sitting city councilors has made these decisions for the last four years and the other four for a shorter time. And during this time, the only solution this city council could suggest is to ask for more taxes from the residents of Glenwood Springs. What happened to better city management to control the wasteful spending and to put the fee departments on a budget that equals their anticipated income?To make things worst, in 2004 the city council decided to borrow $2 million from a bank, with annual payments of $450,000. This cost was added to the acquisition and improvement fund for the pool. With more than $12.6 million of undesignated money in all the various funds in the city, council choose to add $250,000 of additional interest cost to the people of Glenwood Springs and burden the A&I fund with new payments greater than the need for roads and streets instead of borrowing from within the city funds.Stan StevensGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,It would seem that the Post Independent might be a little embarrassed at the overwhelming amount of coverage from the Recall Truden group, and hardly a word from Colleen Truden. This is one-sided journalism to say the least. There was, however one article stating Truden defends , but most of the material written was an interview with Sherry Caloia discussing the wrongs of Colleen Truden. We voted for Colleen Truden; cant we at least listen to what she has to say about all of the allegations concerning her and her office? I know Colleen and know her to be a good, intelligent and ethical person. It would be fair to have a front page interview with Colleen (plus a nice picture) and with an unbiased journalist letting her defend herself and her office. Then, maybe her positive comments could be itemized and listed on a regular basis as well just like all of the criticisms of her have been. We are hearing only one side of all of this and a great deal of it. Where is a Sean Hannity for her? Nancy McClellanGlenwood SpringsEditors Note: Unfortunately, a majority of our recall coverage has been void of comments from Ms. Truden, but this hasnt been for a lack of trying. We have always attempted to get a comment from her when we have stories about resignations from her office and other issues, but she rarely returns our calls. Several months ago, the Post Independent published a story allowing Truden to tell her side of the story. Besides that story and the other one in which she defended her office, we also printed a My Side article from her.

Dear Editor,People, you need to be aware of an age-old political gambit called The Washington Monument Syndrome. I learned of it while lobbying Congress for one of those nasty, greedy corporations the liberals are constantly carping about. You know, those entities that provide virtually every single comfort and convenience we have.It applies to both our local sales tax election and statewide tax proposals C and D this November.The Washington Monument Syndrome gambit provides that in order to constantly increase the governments budget, services most noticeable and meaningful to voters are cut back as the vote nears. The Department of the Interior would close the Washington Monument earlier and earlier during budget hearings, in an effort to create an outrage amongst summer tourists to the District of Columbia who had traveled from all over the nation, only to find the Monument closed due to budget restrictions. Call your Congressman. Write your newspaper.Government at any level will never cut dollars internally, but only things highly visible and valuable to voters. Or it will raise fees paid by the public. Same thing.And lo and behold, the city of Glenwood Springs needs a tax increase for potholes, general street repair, maintenance, etc. Imagine that! So were supposed to forget about councils ongoing spending rampage because we need decent streets.And on your next trip over the hill, notice the potholes on state-maintained Interstate 70, eastbound, on the west incline of the Eisenhower tunnel. Man, lets bag TABOR restrictions, huh? I mean, we need decent highways.Our vaunted politicos will never change, but lets just not encourage their accelerating profligacy.Bob RichardsonGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,With the proper disclosure of information to you, the voting public, this black eye to the Re-1 school district most certainly could have been avoided.Omitting the dots and not crossing their ts is bad form, particularly when it was consciously done. And done so to only further their myopic vision of what they want for your children, under the pretense of ballots.The Re-1 school district claimed hours of public input. Well then, why as an affected business owner, was I never informed of not one of their so-called meetings? I find this incomprehensible. At the very least, I could have received a phone call. The writing was on the wall in their classroom eventually theyll all go away. Ladies and gentlemen, just because its legal dont make it just.As an affected business owner for more than 29 years, I find it ironic Im still being schooled, not this time by teachers, but by the bullies in the school yard.Why do they continue to play hard ball? Why dont they offer Mr. Fattor at least the countys assessment value for his property? Stop low-balling our moving expenses. The relocation committee is a sham. And it is costing you money.The only contact I have received from the school district, other than a fax from their committee as to local commercial real estate for sale, is from calls I myself initiated. Good luck.They cant wait to sweep us out. Wish those that move on a happy, healthy future.Jeff IsaacsonGlenwood Springs

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