Get rid of Saddam before he does real damage |

Get rid of Saddam before he does real damage

Alan Shepard

Dear Editor,

I’m writing this letter about all of these people saying don’t go to war with Iraq. I say, like a lot of others, we go destroy them. Saddam and his followers are nothing but a big problem, and we should get rid of them before they do real damage.

I know it will jeopardize their innocent people, but they hate us anyway and would kill us in a second. So, don’t be fooled, they would love to see us dead.

Remember Sept. 11? I do. We lost a lot of people to an evil act and these protesters ask why Bush didn’t do anything then and now that is why everybody is against him. Well, Mr. President, I’m with you, just like a lot of other Americans are. Take care of this problem before it’s too late.

When we are finished with Iraq, let’s take care of North Korea. Sorry people, it has to be done so we can live in a safe world. I don’t want to live in fear. Do you? They can bomb and destroy all of your peace marches. They don’t care about human life.

I want us to live in peace, but sometimes war is what makes peace. Something has to take care of evil, it doesn’t just go away by itself.

So, if you can think of one thing, think of our children. Do you want their lives in the hands of the devil? I don’t.

So, America, take care of this problem and let’s do it quickly so we can all live in peace.

Alan Shepard


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