Get the facts before voting |

Get the facts before voting

Belinda R. Leve

Dear Editor,

I fear that a misunderstanding has resulted amongst the good townspeople of Carbondale. A “no” vote on the referendum July 15 is a “no” vote on the proposed design of the Marketplace. It is not a vote against business opportunity, a healthy economic climate, jobs for our citizens, and optimizing sales tax to help provide for valued services in our community.

It is a vote for a design that fits the scale and character of who we are and who we want to be. I, for one, vote “no” on the oversized monstrosity of pavement, bricks, and mortar which is currently proposed.

I encourage you to get the facts. And consider the assumptions and projections of the current Marketplace design. Are they reasonably likely? Are we likely to go further in debt, a burden that will even more seriously negate progress on optimizing the town’s budget with the hoped-for sales tax revenues? How is it likely to impact current small businesses which have chosen to open in Carbondale?

As one of our favored community members reminded me: assumptions, based on the root word assume. Assume, spelled out: makes an ass of U and Me. There are multiple assumptions and projections which I do not, and cannot agree with, one being sales tax projections.

Please vote “no” on the current Marketplace design this July 15 in Carbondale.

Thank you,

Belinda R. Leve


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