Giving love, Internet style, a try |

Giving love, Internet style, a try

April E. Clark
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April in Glenwood

Love is in the air – at least it is with a few people I know – and I have to say that makes me smile. I guess the holidays bring that out in people.

And, unfortunately, sometimes the opposite.

I’ve mostly read about my friends’ engagements on Facebook, which is becoming a major news source for me lately. The days of learning about engagement announcements in the newspaper or handwritten letters by mail are in the past. Any news of this sort travels as fast as a Hollywood marriage. Relationship status changes make it an easy process. Not to mention word of mouth by people you know on Facebook who are in on the secret.

You can break the news without even knowing it.

Even though Facebook has been known to make, and break, some relationships, the Internet can have its perks for love. There are online dating sites such as and that can connect people with similar interests looking for love. I used to be quite the skeptic about online dating, even poking fun at it in my writing and joke telling. My joke is one in five relationships start with online dating.

And five out of five relationships end with online porn.

I’ve decided to open my mind about how I meet new people. This does make my mother a little nervous. Especially when the dating site bios get a little touchy-feely, like talking about giving massages.

That’s not really my style.

But I am a true romantic, and the ultimate believer that love can last, when the match is right. The saying goes “Don’t knock it until you try it,” so I’ve decided to give online dating a shot. I’ve had a couple of dates. Since I’m in the paper every week I don’t have the anonymity some of the online daters enjoy on the site. There’s a good chance they already know what I’ve been up to over the years.

That can be good, or bad.

At first, I was extremely timid about the whole process. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to post a photo. Then I thought, “Who am I kidding?” I’m on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, this column, comedy posters, and blogs for work. Someone’s going to figure it out.

When it came to posting photos on one particular dating site, I was as nervous as a first-time comic.

Sure, looks aren’t everything. And it’s nice to think you can be interested in someone on these sites without seeing what they look like first. But it’s a little hard in this technologically savvy world to stay completely anonymous online and meet someone based solely on personality. A quick Google image search is probably going to clue some people in. There are apps that recognize your image simply by scanning over it.

I imagine plastic surgery can throw that off a little.

My bio on the site doesn’t dig too deeply into my personality. Read this column for a few weeks and that will probably reveal a lot more about me.

That can be good, or bad.

I do say I like to say yes to new experiences and no to being a stick in the mud. And that I also try to avoid using terms like stick in the mud.

I find sarcasm works best for me in situations that make me a little nervous.

My mom and dad are familiar with this tactic. That’s probably why I’m a comic, and not a relationship expert. Who knows, I could end up sharing good news on Facebook someday, breaking the news without even knowing it.

After all, love is in the air.

April E. Clark is extremely excited for her recently engaged friends, Rob and Vicki, and Dane and Kendra. What a year! She can be reached at

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