Glenwood cop adds insult to sexual assault |

Glenwood cop adds insult to sexual assault

Rebecca Cossins

Dear Editor,

I felt it necessary to write this letter, even though the subject is hard for me to talk about. Less than a week ago I was the victim of a sexual assault. I stood up to my attackers. I called the police, and I pressed charges. I did everything right.

Over the course of rehashing my story over and over to numerous police officers and investigators, most treated me with respect and compassion, but my last experience with one of the investigating officers proved to me how far we still have to come concerning women’s rights in the fair city of Glenwood Springs.

I know for a fact that the Advocate Safehouse has done numerous trainings with the Glenwood Springs Police Department on how to uphold the rights of victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Obviously, the officer I encountered skipped class. He, in effect, said that if my attackers had been more gentle, maybe I would have enjoyed the experience.

How many of us women have spent lifetimes fighting this “good ol’ boys” idea that the way we dress is too inviting, being overtly sensual is “asking for it,” the we should just “lie back and enjoy it?”

What year is this? I refuse to believe that everything women have been fighting for, the right to vote, to work, the right to say “no,” has been in vain. After going through the horror of my sexual assault, I was re-victimized by this investigator, whose ideas about women make him little more than a neanderthal.

Rape is an ugly truth that most people are terrified to acknowledge.

This letter is for all those women who have been, or will be a victim of this devastating crime. Don’t let anyone treat you as I’ve been treated. If you say “no,” you are not asking for it, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

It is my sincere hope that the officer I encountered is never allowed to interrogate another victim of sexual assault.

Rebecca Cossins

Glenwood Springs


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