Glenwood police officer over-reacted |

Glenwood police officer over-reacted

Glenwood police officer over-reacted

Dear Editor,

With gasping concern as well as somber understanding, I read the crack down article in the PI on Dec. 12. In my opinion and experience, another officer has previously led the way.

Several weeks ago my 2001 model pickup truck stalled northbound at 11th and Grand at a red light. Since my truck would not restart, my passenger phoned for help.

Within a couple minutes our help arrived. With flasher signals on and attending to a pedestrian , when the red light stopped oncoming traffic again, we turned my truck left, down the grade of the hill, and successfully coasted off Grand. Further down the block I noticed a police SUV behind me with its lights flashing and then heard a loudspeaker demanding me to “pull the vehicle over.” Ah, more help I thought.

When the officer appeared at my window he informed me he was responding to a stalled vehicle report and immediately mandated and proclaimed that I ran a red light, turned from an improper lane, endangered a pedestrian, and demanded my documentation. I was happy I’d gotten of Grand safely and quickly and was quite surprised by his accusations.

There are some disturbing issues here. My passenger, my helper and myself were all threatened with arrest, detainment, throwing us in the back of his police vehicle, etc. He was in no way willing to “hear and consider us citizens,” nor was he acting in consideration of the real situation he was aware of. Where was his common sense?

Thankfully, Sergeant Kimminau responded immediately to my request from the second arriving officer for their authority to come to the scene. The sergeants cooler, more mature, rational mind prevailed on my behalf quickly.

How about this scenario? Contrary to the crack down article’s denial of revenue generation, maybe the officer was acting according to protocol? Maybe we citizens are revenue targets? Those in “legal authority” need only to attack us in an inciting manner, and then accuse us of infractions and disobeying them, so we can be personally maligned, incited, charged and fined. That bigger picture produces unbalanced control, revenue generation.

I want safety from unsafe, inconsiderate drivers too. I’ve done my part as a safe driver. Unless something is drastically changed, we citizens are still innocent until proven guilty, and respect and courtesy ought to be social protocol from police.

Clara Smith

El Jebel

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