Glenwood river rescue effort may have been false alarm |

Glenwood river rescue effort may have been false alarm

Glenwood Springs Fire Department responded to a river rescue call Sunday evening, but Battalion Chief Dave Reinhold said it’s unclear whether the call was a false alarm. No one was found.

The department received conflicting stories, with timelines that didn’t sync, from passers by about a person or people who cried out for help on the river.

The department immediately set up downstream containment, Reinhold said, at the Eighth Street Bridge, Two Rivers Park and Glenwood Whitewater Park. Crews recovered two inner tubes past Veltus Park, but have not found any people. The department also sent searchers in the river to search for people holding on to the bank.

A second call from dispatch said a man near Park East thought he heard someone yelling for help. Reinhold said it could have been two incidents, or could have been someone shouting and playing around.

As of Monday morning, Reinhold was unaware of any missing persons reports. Even so, Garfield County Search and Rescue sent a helicopter with thermal imaging technology to search the river.

“It’s very difficult to search that river in high water like that,” Reinhold said. “I would assume I would have heard from search and rescue if they found anybody.”

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