Glenwood Springs drivers changing habits with rising gas prices |

Glenwood Springs drivers changing habits with rising gas prices

Phillip Yates
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” Seventeen-year-old Reid Jackson is changing his habits. He has to or gas prices will suck even more money out of the cash he earns from his job.

As gas prices climb higher and higher, Jackson said he has become a more conservative driver and is laying less on his car’s accelerator to conserve as much gas and money as possible. And if someone is heading in the same direction as him, he would rather carpool than drive by himself, he said.

The increasing cost of gas has him looking forward to purchasing a less gas-intensive mode of transportation, he said.

“(Gas prices) are making me look forward to getting a motorcycle,” Jackson said. “It might be more dangerous, but it’s less expensive.”

Jackson made his comments at the Bradley Petroleum gas station, 2122 Grand Ave., where regular unleaded gas stood at $4.019 on Thursday ” which was the lowest price in Glenwood.

Four-dollar-a-gallon prices are now a fact of life for Glenwood Springs drivers, and there doesn’t seem to be much relief on the horizon as oil prices remain near record levels. City drivers are already facing close to the highest average gas prices in the state, according to information from the American Automobile Association.

Glenwood Springs drivers are having to shell out an average of $4.14 for a gallon of regular unleaded gas as of Thursday morning, just a hair under the highest recorded average price of $4.153. That record was set Monday.

On Thursday, some Glenwood Springs motorists saw the highest ever average price for diesel fuel ” which stood at $4.937 a gallon.

Almost every other town in the AAA report, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and Longmont, all faced record regular gas prices Thursday morning.

George Winne, 58, of Carbondale, was also at the Bradley Petroleum gas station Thursday filling up his Toyota Prius hybrid, which Winne said averages about 46 to 48 miles per gallon. He and his family, like Jackson, are changing their driving habits because of high gas prices.

“When we go places, we are trying to do more things on the same trip now,” Winne said. “People are going to have to change their lifestyle. We are trying to do that as much as we can.”

To determine the fuel cost of a planned trip, go to AAA’s Fuel Cost calculator at

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