Glenwood Springs first quarter sales surge beyond pandemic impact |

Glenwood Springs first quarter sales surge beyond pandemic impact

Downtown clothing store says its seeing big uptick in spring sales

It’s probably no surprise that Glenwood Springs sales tax revenue is up so far from 2020 — but it’s also up in comparison to the same time period in 2019.

Sales tax revenue in the city increased by 36% in March compared to last year’s calculations for the same month. It also increased by 14% from calculations in 2019.

Year to date through the first quarter of the year, retail sales are up 20.2% compared to 2020 and 13.4% compared to 2019, indicating a surge even beyond the impacts of the pandemic.

“With the drop in sales tax in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, for a more accurate reflection, we recommend comparing 2021 numbers to 2019 for the rest of this year,” city spokesperson Bryana Starbuck said.

“We were up 14% in March from 2019, and about the same year-to-date so we’re off to a good start in 2021. We are generally up in the categories you would expect, like building supplies and retail from some pent-up demand that we’re seeing right now.”

A substantial increase in apparel and accessory sales from last year — 143.14% — was also noted in the report.

A total of $95,060 in apparel and accessory sales was recorded in March of this year, a substantial increase from March 2020 sales totaling $39,097.

A better comparison would be to the March 2019 apparel sales totaling $93,534.

Glenwood Springs Sales Tax Comparisons YTD through March

General Merchandise

2019: $611,105

2020: $611,454

2021: $709,398

Change from 2020-2021: +16.02%

Building Materials & Supplies

2019: $410,886

2020: $418,761

2021: $558,707

Change from 2020-2021: +33.42%

Misc. Retail (incl. liquor stores and sporting goods)

2019: $354,878

2020: $388,398

2021: $512,430

Change from 2020-2021: +31.93%

Eating/Drinking Places

2019: $588,160

2020: $512,815

2021: $583,796

Change from 2020-2021: +13.84%


2019: $411,198

2020: $318,469

2021: $430,955

Change from 2020-2021: +35.32%


2019: $53,750

2020: $59,593

2021: $72,453

Change from 2020-2021: +21.58%

Food Stores

2019: $552,982

2020: $514,701

2021: $475,441

Change from 2020-2021: –7.63%

Source: City of Glenwood Springs

Treadz, a clothing and footwear store in downtown Glenwood Springs, says it’s seeing a bump in sales due to more people wanting to be out and about.

Erin Zalinski, co-owner of Treadz, said the store is selling clothes that are a little dressier in style.

“Dresses are picking up again. I think it’s more a return to what you’d expect,” Zalinksi said. “We did more tuxedos than we expected we’d do because of proms that we didn’t think the schools would have.”

Zalinski surmised that the uptick in sales is likely due to people getting out to attend more semi-casual events.

“There are graduation parties and things to look forward to, we’re seeing a few people plan some weddings,” Zalinski said.

“We had a few people that got married during COVID-19 but are having an event now so they can still celebrate with friends and family. It’s that kind of return to being social and gathering again. It’s in a very low key way still.”

Zalinkski said the impact of COVID-19 on supplies is still being felt at her store.

“Our biggest challenge isn’t going to be what happens in the store but what happens out of the store,” Zalinkski said.

”The supply chain is still super disrupted. Just getting products seems to be really challenging. There’s more of a competition with our business partners online than ever before.”

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