Glenwood Springs is a model town |

Glenwood Springs is a model town

There was no shortage of cute kids in Glenwood Thursday, but stores might have run low on film.Early in the modeling tryouts for the new Hot Springs Pool brochure, advertising agency owner Linda Hill had to send out for more.”I’m very surprised at the turn out,” said Ann Denney, Hill’s assistant for the day, as more and more candidates streamed in. “I knew we’d have a good turnout, but it’s been steady.”Halfway through the three-hour session, Denney estimated the turnout at 100 to 150. Hill was looking for a total of 12 models, ranging from 5 to 75 years old. “The theme of the brochure is family fun,” Hill said earlier in the week.Lots of laughs and jokes spilled from the upstairs conference room in the Hot Springs Pool where the tryouts were conducted.”Good job,” Hill told young Stephanie Winkler after the first of her of two snap shots was taken. “Fabulous,” Hill added after the second.Hill shot quickly through the session, and extra batteries for her automatic camera sat on the long, conference room table, along with folders and a bottle of water.The routine was simple. On the landing between the first and second floor, Denney handed out a short form for candidates to fill out. After that, they waited patiently until working their way up to the conference room door, where they got to peer around the corner and figure out the action inside.Once inside, the would-be models stood in front of a white wall, and Hill leaned over the table and snapped two pictures of each. There were nearly as many kibitzers and happy moms looking on as there were candidates. Parents told their kids to smile in several ways, including:-“I want your Lake Powell smile,” which is what Vickie Derby told her 7-year-old son Trey.-“Smile normal,” said an unidentified parent, while another said, “Smile, show teeth.”In all, the collective smile arsenal included your basic happy smile, bashful smile, cheesy smile, bewildered smile, and for at least one middle school kid, the “I can’t believe I’m doing this” smile.

Vickie Derby, 32, said she was “conned” into trying out with her son. She was the recipient of one of Hill’s most asked questions.”Can you do a back dive?” Hill asked.”I can give it a shot,” Derby replied with – what else – a smile.Back divers were in high demand, because that’s what one shot calls for. When Hill asked 65-year-old John Nuyten, “Can you dive?” he replied, “You mean off the building? Off the side? On the plank?”Sean Martin, 41, from El Jebel, said after his session that he can do a backflip. He grabbed his stomach with both hands, joked about paunch, then said, “My wife said they needed a middle-age guy.”Martin was one of the few candidates who has modeled before. “I was on a Focus on the Family magazine cover. I did it for a friend.”Hill coaxed several moms into trying out after their kids were photographed. During the arm twisting process, Wendy Rohs protested, “I’m thin and pale. … I’m 37.”While her kids – Lauren, Brennan and Brittany – looked on, Rohs bravely put her back to the wall, held up a sign with her name on it for the identification shot, and told Hill, “I feel like I’m in jail.”Monica Connolly brought her 5-year-old daughter Aurora and her 4-year-old friend Madison Lund. On the way over, Monica told the kids they were going to get their pictures taken for advertisements for the pool, and if they were chosen they’d have to come back.”They were more than willing,” Monica said. “They like to have their pictures taken.”Aurora then asked, “Where are we going next,” as she and Madison scooted toward the parking lot.Most of the candidates were from 5 to 14 years old, which is good, because a total of eight models are needed for that age group. Beyond that, Hill was looking for a 60- to 75-year-old man, a pair of 35- to 45-year-old men, and one 35- to 45-year-old woman.Diane Childs, 45, decided to give it a go at Hill’s urging, after Jon, her 13-year-old son, was photographed. Childs told Hill she thought she was too old, but Hill said, “You’re OK. … Do you dive at all?”Older men were in fairly short supply, and Hill said, “Yeah!” when 66-year-old Jim Ward walked in.”Someone said I’m only the second guy over 65,” Ward replied.At just over six feet tall, with eagle eyes and resembling the farmer in the film “Babe,” observers speculated that Ward may have the inside track.Ward, from Woody Creek, has appeared in fly fishing ads in Montana, and also a Nutrasweet ad at Ashcroft.When asked what brought him out to the modeling world again, Ward said, “I was coming back from Grand Junction and my agent … wife, said `Let’s stop and have your picture taken.'”And so they did.Ward feigned relief when told it was only the younger guys who had to do a back flip.

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