Glenwood Springs Middle School Students’ Letters to the Editor

Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

As part of a Glenwood Springs Middle School project, students studying persuasive writing used letters to the editor published in the Post Independent as examples of people voicing opinions. The students composed their own persuasive letters as part of the project. Letters also ran in the Post Independent on Dec. 18.Hi, my name is Anel Areli Gonzalez. I’m 12 years old. I’m a student at GSMS. I have one great idea to tell you.My idea is for everybody to help the earth. It is important for everybody to help because many horrible things are happening. For example, many animals are dying, the ozone layer is being destroyed and people are sick because of the contamination. We can help the earth with many things. First, recycle paper, metal, plastic and glass. Next, ride your bike more and the pollution will be less. Finally, don’t throw the trash in the ocean and don’t use too much energy. Thanks for listening to my idea and reading this letter.Anel Gonzalezseventh gradeHi, my name is Wendy Torres. I’m a sixth-grader. I’m taking English classes. We’re studying persuasive writing. I believe that we should help the immigrants. First, people from Mexico go to jail or die just to make a dream come true. They want to make their lives better. Second, there are kids that are separated from their parents. Kids that are born here are Americans, their parents are immigrants and have been sent back to Mexico. They still get separated because the immigration officials do not think about the happy lives they have with their parents. Finally, let’s help them live. Let’s put them into our safe circle. Mexico is a dangerous place, and our circle is safer.Please, let’s help them. They should come in, but with rules. Let’s change the U.S.A. and the rules of this big problem. Let’s solve it. Mexicans are disrespected, but we could stop that. If we’re together, we could do something about it and we could make a big difference. Thanks for listening! I will wait for your help. This message is to let you know what I felt about the immigrants. Wendy Torressixth grade My name is Bebly Machado. I’m 12 years old. I’m a student in GSMS (Glenwood Springs Middle School). I feel sad about the violence with the animals.I believe that people should not kill the animals because it is horrible to see dead animals. The animals need help and they don’t deserve to be dead.Also, it is horrible that the police kill the animals only because the animal does something to defend itself. They don’t understand that there are consequences.We can help the animals if we comprehend and understand that they are only animals. Please help me against this injustice. Together we can make new and good things happen. Thank you for your attention. Bebly Machadoseventh gradeMy name is Tanahayry Morales. I’m a student in GSMS. We are studying persuasive writing in my English class. That’s why I wrote this letter. So you can believe in my battle for the homeless.I believe that we need to help the homeless people by building a special home for them. Well, just think a little. The homeless people do not have a home to sleep, and you do. If we could build a shelter for them they won’t be in so much danger.A lot of homeless people live under the train, don’t you think that’s dangerous? Maybe during this time, you’re in your warm bed and at your house. They may be freezing outside. Another thing is that people without shelter might be sick. Now, think about little babies; a lot of them have died from being in the cold. Please, I really need your help. Help me by making some shelters for them. Thank you for listening to me.Tanahayry Moralessixth gradeMy name is Luis Pelaez. I am learning about Pennies for Peace in my class. It is a program for the poor people in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This program helps with the construction of schools for the kids. I believe people should support this program.We need to do this because the people are poor and the kids need schools. The adults need clothes. With schools students will learn to be doctors, help people with medicine and use technology. Thank you for listening. Luis Pelaezseventh grade Hi, my name is Alexis Perez. I’m a sixth-grader at GSMS. We are studying persuasive writing in my English class. I believe that we need lights on the river path because we don’t want to get lost. People can know were they’re going. Less crime will happen if the city puts lights on the river path. Also, people will use the path more. Thank you for listening to me. If people put up these lights, we are going to appreciate it. Alexis Perezsixth gradeHi, my name is Joel Ordonez. I’m a sixth-grader in the middle school in Glenwood Springs. I believe that the world should collect money to donate to build schools in Pakistan. The first reason we should donate is because kids in Pakistan don’t have school. The second reason we should collect money is with an education the kids will have a better life. The last reason we should do this is the kids will learn and have better jobs when they grow up.So, I think you should collect pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and some dollars. Send it to Pennies for Peace and they will help make a school for kids who need an education. Joel Ordonezsixth gradeHello, My name is Sofia Leach, and I need your help for saving endangered animals. Many animals are becoming extinct. If this continues, then we cannot have what we have now. Many species are dying.First, we need stop killing animals for our desires. Second, we can’t throw trash because it makes contamination. Finally, deforestation is a problem because companies are taking homes of animals.Thank you for listening to my letter. I hope that you help the animals.Sofia Leachsixth gradeMy name is Michael. I go to GSMS. I am in the eighth grade. All of the middle and high schools should have career classes. If parents, principals and government don’t want students to drop out, they should vote to put career classes in middle and high schools. If we put these classes in middle and high schools, students will learn about different jobs. When they learn more, they will be ready to think about their future. Thank you for listening and thank you for helping me. Michael Muroeighth grade

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