Glenwood Springs residents reminded to adhere to water restrictions |

Glenwood Springs residents reminded to adhere to water restrictions

Watering restrictions are in place for Glenwood Springs residents, according to a news release.

Odd numbered home addresses can water on odd days of the month and even numbered home addresses can water on even days of the month.

Watering on both odd and even numbered days is prohibited from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“Most irrigation controls have this as a built-in setting option,” the release states.

“The city is requesting that residents do not water lawns for a longer duration of time than normal. Items to consider are shorter showers, less or no bathtub filling, no filling of pools, dishwashers set on the water saving mode, less frequent washing machine loads, minimum car washing, etc.”

Glenwood Springs spokesperson Bryana Starbuck said the watering schedule was enacted during the response to the Grizzly Creek Fire last year as a necessary precaution to maintain water capacity due to fire activity near one of the city’s water sources.

“The restriction was never lifted with the fire continuing through the fall and then folks weren’t watering outside during the fall and winter,” Starbuck said. “Our water intakes have since received reinforcement against debris flows, but there remains the challenge of light snowpack and spring runoff.”

The city expects the water schedule to remain in effect throughout the summer to help encourage water conservation during the drought conditions, Starbuck said.

“This will also help prevent overwatering which may help customers adjust to the new water rates that go into effect June 1,” Starbuck added.

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