Glenwood Springs sees jump in number of vehicle break-ins |

Glenwood Springs sees jump in number of vehicle break-ins

Pete Fowler
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” The Glenwood Springs area has seen a rash of thefts from vehicles over the past two months.

About 37 thefts from vehicles occurred in September and October. That brings the total number up to about 68 vehicle break ins so far this year, said Police Chief Terry Wilson.

“It’s predominantly unlocked cars,” Wilson said. “Very, very few of them have involved any kind of a forced entry.”

Wilson said the thefts have not been concentrated in any one area. Among the popular and tempting items that were left in plain view and enticed the thieves: purses and wallets left on seats, many iPods or other digital audio players, GPS units and cameras.

“The common denominators that we’re seeing at this point are: number one, unlocked cars, and number two, clear easy valuables left in plain sight, and the combination is just making it way too easy for our thieves to have a nice successful run through town,” Wilson said.

Wilson recommends that people lock their vehicles and remove anything valuable that may attract thieves. He said part of the problem may be that people believe these types of thefts don’t really occur in the area.

“Unfortunately people don’t think in terms of protecting themselves and their property to the degree they would if they were parking in downtown Denver for the night, and it makes for awfully easy pickings for those that are inclined to be thieves,” he said.

No suspects have been located. One witness saw two male suspects sitting in a car that someone later reported a theft from, Wilson said, but the witness didn’t report it at the time because they didn’t realize anything was being stolen.

Wilson said seven vehicles have been stolen this year, a number that’s not unusual. A little less than two weeks ago, a person stole a vehicle from the 200 block of Seventh Street late at night. They drove up Blake Avenue and crashed the car and rolled it near 14th Street and Blake Avenue, Wilson said.

Police followed a trail of blood up the street two blocks, which suggested the individual went through several unlocked cars in an apartment complex parking lot until finding one with the keys in it. The person stole that car and drove off. Police are still looking for the suspect, who was apparently injured in the accident.

“We’re asking for help from folks to not make it quite so easy here,” he said, stressing that people are better off to lock their vehicles and not leave keys or valuables in them.

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