Glenwood Springs spa aims to bring healthy living full circle |

Glenwood Springs spa aims to bring healthy living full circle

Midland Fitness and its next-door associate 180° Wellness have built a unique formula to provide what the business bills as a 360-degree, all encompassing health hub in Glenwood Springs.

When co-owners Cathy Lee and Jennifer Harbottle, who have been in the fitness industry for decades, opened Midland Fitness, it wasn’t long before the two close friends and business partners wanted to offer clients more than just a fitness center.

“We were never happy with just the fitness side of things,” Lee said. “There was just so much more that could complement [a fitness center], and that is always what we wanted.”

Lee and Harbottle’s wants turned into reality when the space in the Midland Center next to Midland Fitness went on the market. The two quickly converted it into 180° Wellness. Combined, they now offer clients services ranging from IV “cocktails” to thermal imaging.

“We consider [Midland Fitness] the hard side and [180° Wellness] the soft side,” Lee said.

That “soft side,” as Lee and Harbottle put it, is aimed at offering services such as IV cocktails, an oxygen “altitude survival lounge,” an ozone steam sauna, a HydroMassage lounge and more.

“We have women’s hiking groups that go hiking, and then they come do oxygen, and this is like their happy hour,” Harbottle said. Also, tourists visiting Glenwood Springs have been taking advantage of 180° Wellness’ numerous health services.

Home to what’s referred to as an oxygen “lounge,” 180° Wellness’s oxygen bar can increase energy, alertness and concentration but can also help with altitude sickness and even lessen the effects of hangovers, Harbottle said.

Thermal imaging provides a noninvasive test that can detect thermo-biological, chemical and physiological changes in the body by way of heat signatures and thermal anomalies, she explained.

And, while cocktails often bring to mind liquor and mixers, 180° Wellness’s IV cocktails instead provide users with a healthy pour of vitamins, magnesium, calcium and more. Clients can also take shots of B12, a nutrient your body cannot make on its own, but remains essential to one’s central nervous system, Lee explained.

“We see great results with everything,” Lee said of 180° Wellness’ services. Services are used by all walks of life, too. “We have people that come in from all over the United States and really all over the world.”

Two other particularly popular 180° Wellness features include the HydroMassage lounge that provides a water massage session, while users at the same time can enjoy attached, interactive entertainment.

Other additions include the ozone steam sauna, where steam and heat open pores and dilates blood vessels.

“Our staff is very educated,” Lee said of Midland Fitness and 180° Wellness’ team, which includes health professionals and doctors that perform a variety of services, including therapeutic massages and chiropractic care.

“We all have a desire to help people reach their best potential. And that doesn’t even have to be how they look physically,” Harbottle said. “There is so much more to it from the mental aspect to just being healthy from the inside out.”

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