Glenwood Vaudeville is good live entertainment |

Glenwood Vaudeville is good live entertainment

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GLENWOOD SPRINGS – The puns and clichs were flying fast and furious, like a swarm of bees fit to be hived.And the crowd was loving it, groaning with delight to every joke, even the ones more predictable than a Hawaii snowstorm.The Glenwood Vaudeville Revue opened early this summer and has been drawing good crowds ever since.One of the greatly entertaining aspects of the show is the variety and range of acts that hit the stage at the Masonic Lodge in Glenwood. Where else can you see some pretty darn good tap dancing, followed by a opera parody and right into an updated version of the Abbott & Costello timeless baseball classic “Who’s on first?”But don’t be fooled by the ruse of Vaudeville and bad jokes. The puns and corny jokes are by design and fit perfectly into the tired-and-true tradition of Vaudeville. This talented cast of four men and two women work the jokes, and entertainment variety to the fullest, usually hitting everything with perfect timing. But they also serve as the wait and bartending staff during the dinner and intermission. Patrons can get dinner, drinks and dessert, making it a full evening.What I appreciated about the show was the cast held true to the vaudeville roots through much of the show, even informing the crowd of its history, dating back to more than 100 years ago.The corny jokes and puns do give way to polished acts, where the cast is able to showcase their comedic, dancing, singing and stage talents. And that talent is quite impressive.There are parts and some people may find some of the bits long and boring, but despite the times when the show does lag a little, it’s usually not too long before the show picks up again.The updated “Who’s on first?” bit was highly entertaining, as a father tries to understand his daughter’s plan to go to a concert to see The Who as the first concert act.Very funny stuff. Jennetta M. Howell, who grew up in Glenwood, gives a great performance of a dingy, enthusiastic young girl, as her frustrated father, played by Gary Daniel, is at his wits end trying to decipher the odd antics of his daughter.Obviously, this is an old classic skit but the modern version makes it unique, and the performances by Howell and Daniel turn it into a real winner.The cast even throws in some regional humor, including a ripped from the Post Independent headlines skit – or rather rap song – about bears in Glenwood Springs.The skit begins with bears picketing the unfair treatment of the town, and how all they want is food and all they get is “tranked in the butt.”The rapping is funny with good writing, and the crowd is sure to enjoy the relevancy of the subject.The Glenwood Vaudeville Revue offers a true special night out for people looking for something that snaps away from the routine and mundane. Simply put, there’s nothing else like it, and the entertainment value skyrockets because of the variety and talent of the cast.Tap dancing in Glenwood? Who would have thunk it?Sure there are some slow parts, and the puns might generate some groans and eye-rolls but it’s all part of what is called Vaudeville. Ragtime music by piano-playing Brad Vierheller sets the tone of the era and he does a nice job getting the crowd to participate in some sing-alongs prior to the show.Of course, the singing, dancing, music and comedy are why you should go, but you can also grab some dinner, drinks and dessert too. The food is pub-style and affordable, a nice selection of drinks and good desserts are also on the menu.John Goss brought the show to Glenwood. He has more than 25 years of performing in small theater and melodramas. He’s the host and brings a variety of stage talents to the show.The Glenwood Vaudeville Revue plays every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Masonic Lodge at 9th and Colorado, right across from the post office.The biggest drawbacks to the show are the uncomfortable chairs and one-stall bathrooms that make the wait a little long at times. The acoustics are not the best in the old building but they are adequate. With the stage and lighting, there’s really not a bad seat in the house.The cost of the show is $18 for adults and $15 for kids 12 and under. Food and drinks are additional. For those who think it’s a little pricey, remember, this is a top-notch professional show.It is the talented men and women on stage that makes this a great show. They’re all professional actors, singers and stage performers, and it shows every time one or all step onto the stage and their abilities come shooting out like shaken soda-pop from a bottle.Daniel has a variety of stage talents, and you do not want to miss his “Dramatic Reading” bit. It’s hilarious. He is a 20-year veteran of the Crystal Palace Dinner Theater in Aspen, as is Julie Maniscalchi who brings a powerful voice and nice comedic timing to the stage. Tom Erickson is another veteran from the Crystal Palace. He is a fantastic comedic talent.Howell’s rsum is filled with impressive stops including graduating from American Musical and Dramatic Academy.The pace remains quick with a conveyor-belt like lineup of acts coming one after the other. The energy that the cast brings to the stage is impressive, keeping the crowd revved up for the entire show.The multiple costume changes, props and on-stage high jinx keep most of the acts fresh and amusing.Go to for more including full bios on the cast. Call for reservations: 970 366-4087.Glenwood Vaudeville Review is a great time and something that should not be missed if you’re looking for a fun night on the town.

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