Glenwood’s got a brand new brand |

Glenwood’s got a brand new brand

It's Your BusinessMarianne VirgiliGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

To illustrate the importance of branding, we played “Whose slogan is this?” at last year’s chamber board retreat. Here’s a quiz to see if you recognize some popular brands: (1) Just Do It. (2) Fly the Friendly Skies. (3) Have It Your Way. (4) Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. (5) Where’s the beef? (6) We Try Harder. (7) Reach Out and Touch Someone. (8) The Quicker Picker-Upper. (9) A little dab’ll do ya. (10) Where do you want to go today? (11) “M’m! M’m! Good!” (12) Breakfast of Champions. (13) Think small. (14) The Ultimate Driving Machine. (15) The Uncola.Branding isn’t a new phenomenon. According to Forbes magazine, the best brand image of all time is Santa Claus. Think about it: Santa runs a worldwide enterprise that incorporates all the elements of great marketing. He employs consumer intelligence, information management and world class service. He delivers as promised and on time all over the globe. He “rewards good customers” with his pledge of gifts to good boys and girls, and his exceptional quality control has created a brand loyalty that is passed on from one generation of loyal customers to the next. While Santa may go by other names in other cultures, his universal message is the same: Deliver upon expectations, create standard customer experiences and manage your reputation.In creating the new Glenwood brand, the tourism board and community focus groups met over several months to determine the Glenwood values that we would deliver in a clear and consistent message. For Santa those values are: I’m generous, hardworking, fair, giving and collaborative. For Glenwood Springs, the descriptive words are: water, hot springs, history, natural wonders, rivers, caverns, warmth, mountains, adventure, hiking, biking, rafting, skiing, fishing, genuine, friendly and so on.With the help of Hill & Co.’s marketing expertise, our vice president of marketing, Kate Collins, conducted months of meetings and consensus-building which led to the new brand, that not only says hot springs but also alludes to everything else we have to offer: “Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Soak it all in.” The chamber will work to see that the community collaborates to build and nurture the brand. After all, points out that Santa’s brand is so strong that it grants credibility to retailers, governments, Web sites, nonprofits and everyone else who incorporates the Santa Claus image – just like Nike does for sports shops or Coca-Cola does for restaurants.And taking a cue from Santa, the quintessential tourism brand, “I e New York,” was embraced by an entire state. Our tourism and broader business stakeholders think our new brand has the consistency to create an emotional connection to attract our target audience, and we’re going to help brand evangelists from the community carry the message as well. So look for a tool kit to be unveiled soon that will enable businesses to use the electronic and print images they need to attach themselves to the brand. Answers to the brand quiz above: (1) Nike. (2) United Airlines. (3) Burger King, not to be outdone by (4) McDonald’s and (5) Wendy’s. (6) Avis. (7) AT&T. (8) Bounty. (9) Brylcreem. (10) Microsoft. (11) Campbell’s Soup. (12) Wheaties. (13) Volkswagen. (14) BMW. (15) 7-Up. If you remember some of these slogans that have gone by the wayside, you might be showing your age. On the other hand, many of these brands have been around for decades simply because they work. We think our new brand is a keeper as well!Marianne Virgili is president and CEO of the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association.

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