Glenwood’s ‘Wild Women’ always find the right words |

Glenwood’s ‘Wild Women’ always find the right words

There are a few priceless quotes I have gathered over the years from our “Wild Women” that made me laugh and cry. I want to share some with you and hope we all strive to live by them and be inspired.Eva Hansen once said, “I like being called ‘wild’ because it gives me an enormous latitude for behavior.” This one is a personal favorite.Wild woman Bobbie VanMeter is fearless when she’s making art, but trying to say what’s in her heart, using only words, is a challenge. “I express myself with my art, but words don’t come quickly,” she said. How wild is Bobbie? “I’ve always had, deep down, a wild streak in me, and all my art comes from deep in me, so it mingles. I used to be on the Wild and Crazy bowling team.”Her wild side is in her work. “The inspiration, for me, is in my heart, ideas come to me in flashes, and whatever comes out, that’s my art,” Bobbie said.”Because it’s the lighter side of art, and I think it’s important to have fun with the things you hang on your wall,” said artist Kathy Honea. “I also think it’s important to see a wide range of mediums and techniques, because it gives you a broader perspective of the inner workings of the artists’ minds. The word medium is an interesting one, because it is the artists’ chosen mode of expression, like oils, acrylics, pastels, and the artist herself is like a medium for the universe. It’s kind of like you channel these ideas.””When you come up through the art school ranks, there are dos and don’ts. Getting ‘wild’ is learning how to step outside those parameters. Once you step outside the box and make art from your heart, from your gut, and not art as it’s defined by others, you can never go back.”Linda Drake wrote, “Dabbling in art and crafts all my life, it was not until about 10 years ago did I decide to allow my artist desires to fully emerge. I am passionate about my art and spend as much time as possible creating. Exploring new mediums, learning new techniques, and observing the artful world around me all energize me to create more and more. I have worked enthusiastically in watercolor, mixed media and recycled art!””Art is spiritual to me. I believe art is the soul of humanity. The joy I experience in creating my art, I try to show in my work. I love positive energy and color. I feel like a child when I open my palette and each color becomes an inviting journey waiting just for me. My art flows out like a rushing river and I am greedy to catch every drop. I pray to live to be 100 so that I have another 50 years to create.”Wild women are so winningly complex. May we all be forever wild! Call the center for applications, tickets or information at 945-2414.Gayle Mortell is the director of the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts. Call the center at (970) 945-2414 for applications, tickets or information.

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