Glycoscience presentation set for tonight |

Glycoscience presentation set for tonight

Ever feel like the cold you came down with last winter just won’t go away? Dr. Robert Murray thinks he has the answer for you.Tonight from 7-8:30 at the Glenwood Springs Centre for Well Being Murray will speak about glycoscience, a relatively young method of enhancing physical well-being via chemical dietary supplements.Murray is an ambassador of Mannatech, a self-proclaimed “wellness” company that offers wide variety of pills, creams, and nutrients on its Web site,’s talk was organized by Mary Metzger, a local Mannatech representative who’s been working with the company since its infancy.”It’s a very, very medical presentation,” Metzger said of Murray’s talk, and said the evening is not designed to boost sales. “It’s what we call an educational presentation. We don’t talk about the product at all.”In a short preview of this evening’s lecture, Metzger explained the basis of glycoscience, which is, of all things, sugar.”There are eight monosaccharide sugars that are necessary for cellular communication in the body,” Metzger said. “We were designed to get them from our diets, but because our diets are so horrible these days, we only get two sugars – glucose and galactose.”Lacking the other six sugars, Metzger said, leads to a general downward spiral in health. “If you don’t get these sugars, your cells cannot communicate, and that’s why we have over 100 auto-immune diseases, like multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, chronic-fatigue syndrome and asthma,” Metzger said. “Unless people have these sugars in their body, they will never get well.”Hence, Mannatech.Metzger said since she and her husband have been taking Mannatech’s products, for almost 11 years now, “all our doctors tell us we’re the healthiest patients they have.”Murray is currently a professor (Emeritus) at the University of Toronto. He also works as a consultant in carbohydrate biology and biochemistry to the nutritional supplement industry.For additional information about Murray’s presentation, call 945-7790.

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