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Going to the chapel …

April E. Clark
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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April in Glenwood

I haven’t met a wedding I didn’t like.

What’s there to not appreciate? Two people are committing to a life together, in good times and bad. There’s food and spirits. Music and cake. And, in my most recent wedding experience, bowling.

I’m pretty sure all weddings should have bowling involved.

My neighbors Luke and Andrea married over the weekend with friends and family surrounding them and the purple majesty of Mount Sopris watching over the ceremony. The bride was beaming as she appeared with her dad, her arm in his, before he placed her hand in the groom’s. I imagine that has to be a hard thing for a dad, the giving away of his daughter. That takes some faith to entrust a new man to watch over and protect her as he did all those years leading up to that moment.

I think Luke has it covered.

I met Andrea some years ago through mutual friends. Those were pre-Luke days. It’s funny to know someone before they truly fall in love with the person they are meant to marry. Yes, there is a difference.

A really big one, actually.

Luke and Andrea make for one of my favorite couples. And I know a lot of couples. When they look at each other, I can practically hear the birds sing and wedding bells ring. It’s right out of a Disney movie, where the princess finds her Prince Charming and everyone lives happily ever after in the forest.

Of course we all know there’s more to love and happiness than that.

Luke and Andrea know this. Not every day is a stroll through the woods with bluebirds circling overhead and flowers blooming in the sunshine. Sometimes people get on each other’s nerves. Feelings can be hurt. Words can be exchanged that we regret.

The difference in making a relationship work and not having one at all is finding that person who meets you in the middle. Compromise doesn’t always come naturally, but working on it as a team makes all the difference.

I speak from experience.

I like that Luke and Andrea don’t hide their feelings. They are able to communicate without everything being the end of the world. Andrea is spirited, with an amazing laugh that’s every comic’s dream. Luke is a compassionate fellow who would do about anything for anyone.

They are lucky to have found one another.

My roommate Cassie and I live above Luke and Andrea and are lovingly referred to as “The Girls Upstairs.” They are always inviting us down to hang out with their friends and to even join them for family dinners. We have a great time, and there’s always something to celebrate.

Lately there has been much to toast to with the build-up to the big wedding day. We have toasted to the couple and talked about the way they met.

Technology helped spark the beginning to their story a few years back. Andrea gets a sparkle in her eye when she talks about how Luke liked when Andrea changed her relationship status to single on Facebook.

He’s really going to like her new status.

Luke and Andrea make such a great pair because they focus on having fun together. There was much laughter during the ceremony, and of course some tears. Luke and Andrea’s black Lab, Zep, brought out the rings when Luke whistled for him.

That wasn’t cute at all.

Butterflies were released as a wish for the couple’s future. Luke and Andrea’s mothers both spoke about their children coming together on that August day in the mountains. I sort of caught part of the bridal bouquet, meaning some flowers fell at my feet and I bent over to pick them up. This likely does not mean I am the next to be married.

I think the 13-year-old who came away with most of it has better chances.

The DJ played “Pour Some Sugar On Me” right before the cake cutting. That was a highlight.

And Cassie made banana pudding and carrot cake cupcakes, a skill she honed on the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.”

But my favorite part of the event was the bowling. Luke’s dad owns a bowling alley, so the after-reception party took place on the lanes. I have to say, there’s nothing cuter than a bride in bowling shoes. Except maybe a dog as a ring bearer.

Or a bride and groom in bowling shoes.

“April in Glenwood” appears every Wednesday. April E. Clark wishes Luke and Andrea a lifetime of love and laughter. She can be reached at aprilelizabethclark@gmail.com.

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