Golf course goes against grain of small town |

Golf course goes against grain of small town

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the different sentiments that have been expressed recently regarding the proposed golf course in the impending Glenwood Meadows development. The funding issue is a point well taken. Another golf course there is anything but what most folks had in mind when we were cajoled into supporting the overall concept of Glenwood Meadows.

I’m opposed to the golf course on environmental grounds. How do we justify such a large tract of land set aside specifically for such an elite few, that gobbles up so much of our precious water and demands so much more fertilizer and pesticides, all of that washing into the river, while the elk and other wildlife that have had this space as a vital last stand in the river valley are getting the finger once more?

It is a completely ludicrous interpretation of “open space,” and to me exemplifies the ignorance and greed of our whole society. It sickens and shames me.

I was against the Glenwood Meadows development on environmental grounds.

I see the whole thing as a mistake, going completely against the grain of the “small town” vision that many folks thoughtfully outlined a few years ago in regards to Glenwood’s future. I’m disappointed with the direction that a select few are taking us.

Lately, some very clear signals have been given to illustrate that a large number of folks are willing to look beyond this “sources of revenue” thinking to a broader, more inclusive vision of the future. Let’s at least have a vote on this one.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Paine

Glenwood Springs

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