Good psychology, good government |

Good psychology, good government

Fred Stewart

Dear Editor,

If Dr. Phil or his equivalent consulted the geo/political leaders of the world, we might have a better place for all peoples to live and breathe free. Good psychology is an extension of good government.

Vendettas are personal, and have no place on the world stage. Hitler had one, and now GW comes up with another. It’s opportune moves that get the likes of these and Saddam into power. The old, “it takes one to know one.” It is the people who will pay the consequences in family lives lost and the inevitable hatred. So, how can we offer the Iraqis more than token democracy, when we are dictated into war?

One draws a line in the sand that should or should not be crossed, and that’s how the world works. Whether it’s a game of chicken or the Ten Commandments is irrelevant. They’re non-negotiable. It’s part of a decision-making process, valid or not. The cardinal rule is that you give room for the other party to succeed. There is tremendous power in that, in so much as that party already has power. In this case Saddam.

Ultimately, we should find self-regulating economies in a democratic world. If GW has the chutzpa and the foresight to pull this off without exacerbating world conditions, then all hats off to the hero of the day. Perhaps then his father’s “thousand points of light” may seem small by comparison. Maybe Dr. Phil has already been consulted?

Fred Stewart

Glenwood Springs

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