Gov. Polis to sign major overhaul of oil, gas rules |

Gov. Polis to sign major overhaul of oil, gas rules

DENVER (AP) — Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is ready to sign a bill overhauling oil and gas regulations, shifting the focus from encouraging production to protecting public safety and the environment.

Polis plans to sign the legislation Tuesday.

Supporters say it brings much-needed protection to Colorado’s booming population and the environment.

Opponents say the law will stifle a major industry and kill jobs. Efforts are already underway to overturn it and recall a lawmaker who voted for it.

Oil and gas drilling is contentious in Colorado, which ranks fifth nationally in crude oil production and sixth in natural gas.

The industry says it contributes $32 billion annually to the state economy and supports 89,000 jobs.

But fast-growing Colorado communities are spilling into oil and gas areas, sparking complaints about noise, pollution and safety.

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