Government doesn’t cause homelessness |

Government doesn’t cause homelessness

Dear Editor,

This country was founded on the principle of freedom, freedom to live the life that you choose to live without fear of government persecution. That includes the freedom to get an education, the freedom to plan for your future in any way you see fit. In return, the government will stay out of your personal interests, as long as those pursuits do not break the law. They agree not to interfere with how you choose to make a living, or how to raise your family. This country was founded and based upon democracy, not socialism or communism.

In regard to the homeless plight of this country, our policy is simple. Those who find themselves in the streets for whatever reasons will have avenues via government and/or private programs that will assist and help support those in need. The government cannot and will not set up programs that will create a safety net for the entire country. That would be under the heading of socialism. There are countries in the world that will provide those types of services. You must first become a citizen of such a country. We here in America believe that if you plan for the future, make the right choices and work hard at achieving your goals, you will be rewarded with a comfortable living. There is no guarantee that you will be successful or even be able to live at or below the poverty level, but you still will have the freedom to make your own personal choices.

There will be circumstances when an individual will fall between the cracks through either personal reasons or just the hard knocks of this life. That again will not be the responsibility of your government to come to their rescue. To blame the government for any turmoil that you may encounter in your life would be irresponsible and illogical if you believe in democracy. We here in America believe that you should accept responsibility for one’s own actions.

In closing, I would like to address the female in Carbondale who insists the government is the cause of our homeless situation. In the Bible, it states there will always be poor people in this Earth. We cannot change that. I will suggest that if you feel so strongly about any social injustice we have here in this country, you get involved on a personal level. My suggestion would be a monetary donation to a cause that aligns with your personal concerns.

If you feel so strongly about the policies of this country that you cannot continue as an American, remember, you have something most of the world does not, freedom … the freedom to go somewhere else.

Russell Coletti

Roaring Fork Valley

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