Government must support us for us to support them |

Government must support us for us to support them

Dear Editor,

I have been reading many of the letters to the editor either supporting or against the war with Iraq. There does not seem to be any middle ground on this issue. I am still unsure how I feel about going to war. I do believe Saddam is and always will be an evil person who should have no power, and I would feel relieved to know he had been taken out of commission.

My confusion over this situation comes from not having any faith in our government. Do I believe that the government is acting in my best interest, or my neighbor’s or any of the people? The answer is no! The wants and needs of the people in this country are continually ignored.

How much money does the U.S. spend on supporting other countries? I don’t know exact figures, but let’s use Egypt for example. I know millions of dollars are sent to help the people of Egypt. The problem I have with this is, we have starving children right here in this country. We have homeless by the thousands. We have senior citizens who live in pain and suffer because they cannot afford the medications doctors prescribe for them.

I believe that it starts right in small town government. I read the paper every day and feel I have a general idea of what is going on in our area.

Let’s start with public meetings. This is where everyone gets their say on issues. This would be great if your opinion meant anything to the people who get the final say. I don’t believe it does. I have yet to witness our small town governments successfully meet the needs of the people.

Let’s take the town of Silt for an example. I have lived in this town for six years and constantly hear the people say how dissatisfied they are with the way the town is being run. From the horrible water to the complete foolishness of continuous building of new subdivisions that the town has no water for. Why is this still happening?

I was taught that the government works for the people, not against them. This is why I have no faith in our government. I don’t feel I can trust our city planner, mayor, senator, county commissioner, governor, and the rest, all the way up to our president.

So all I can say is if the government wants our full support, then maybe we should get that full support in return.


Jodi Fay


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