Governmental trends cause concern |

Governmental trends cause concern

Out on a LimbRoss L. TalbottGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

The present trends in government at all levels are becoming of increasing concern and are making freedom-loving Americans outright apprehensive.The elitists seem to feel that they know what’s best for us so called “common people.”They seem to want to control our lives for their glory and financial benefit and demand we pay for their enlightened ideas.The principles that made America the most powerful nation in the world are being denigrated by people with sometimes noble motives and often subversive motives.At what point do those who overburden our economy, eliminate personal responsibility and turn us into a nation of dependents actually become traitors?This intrusion is occurring at all levels, even close to home.For example if you own a mobile home you can’t even block it up yourself. They say you are too dumb.You must use a licensed crew and pay a county inspector $300. Just add two or three grand to your “affordable housing”; thank you, government, for your help.Another example is water. Not many years back you could have a cistern and haul your water from town. Not anymore. Now, if you’re rural, you must drill a well, get it permitted and pay augmentation from Ruedi, whatever that means.Remember when you could build your own house the way you wanted? Now P&Z must approve your plan and make sure it meets their requirements. You also must pay for periodic inspections during construction and then get a permit to occupy when you are done.You can’t even build a deck or chicken house without county or municipal approval.The latest move locally is the proposed (and soon to be adopted) Comprehensive County Land Plan.Noble, well-meaning people have spent hours putting together a perfect plan for the “best use” of everyone’s land.You may have been under the impression that the land you bought was yours, but think again.Free market is gone. You can only do what the county allows you to do.Under this comprehensive plan the planner will designate all land in the county for its best use as they see it regardless of your wishes or plans.A subtle side effect of this whole system is to maximize property taxation.For example, New Hope Church purchased 10 acres of pasture land west of New Castle as an investment.The property has always been pasture, has no utilities, is a mile from town and has limited access.In spite of all that, the Assessor’s Office gave it a new designation as “vacant residential” and increased the taxes by thousands of dollars.This so called “comprehensive plan” may be an open tent flap for the tax camel who already has his head in your tent.Another side of this whole plan is the issue of “open space.” If we were in the Denver area I might concede a problem. In Garfield County, however, 70 percent of the county is public land. On the one hand Hidden Gems is trying to virtually lock us out of some public lands while conversely the planners are trying to create more.People concerned about politics on the national level are becoming aware of our march toward socialism.Guess what, it’s not just national but happening at all levels.If you wanted to live in a closely controlled environment you could buy into a homeowners association.Today government control is being imposed and is not your choice.Everything you undertake today takes far longer and costs much more because of the “help” you get from public officials.That old joke about “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you” is now way beyond funny.Oh, and by the way, you pay for it. A tax by any other name is a fee or a license or a permit ad aeternum.Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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