Government’s like a raging river |

Government’s like a raging river

Out On A Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Over the years I have watched the Colorado River rise and fall.

As this huge stream of dirty water and trash roars by, I can’t help but see a parallel with our federal government – or maybe that should be feral government.

The river becomes untamed and wild. It’s full of dirt and trash. I say, send it to California and maybe they will stop trying to take our water.

Another comparison is that the river in this condition has got to be a threat to endangered fish. Why isn’t somebody spending millions to save them?

Out-of-control wild government is a threat to endangered humans and businesses and will be ultimately self-destructive.

I see people in rafts roaring by in great excitement almost totally under the control of the raging waters.

Is there some parallel to the euphoric citizens riding on the rhetoric and entitlements of an out-of-control government?

For instance, I have known many people who are German or of German ancestry and they are good, hard-working people. I have even spent some time in Germany. It just amazes me that they could have been conned into such an evil regime as what Hitler put together.

I can think of other examples of whole nations or groups of people led into terrible actions by someone with the gift of charisma.

How about Jim Jones’ followers? When we are caught up by the rising flood and are carried along in a movement intended to flood the nation or world, how are we different than a raft on a raging river?

Think of states’ rights being like 50 tributaries to the raging feral government. They are swept up and overwhelmed and become accessories to the problem.

The sheer volume and the trash make productive use really difficult. Fishing is stopped. Irrigation of fields becomes much more difficult because of the dirt and the trash.

Likewise, a raging, out-of-control government diminishes productive enterprise. But what the heck, grab your raft and go for the thrill, however temporary.

Is it possible that a huge portion of our population could get swept up in this wonderful rhetoric of entitlement?

I asked a lady why she voted for Obama and she replied, “I just liked the way he sounded.” When I asked about his positions on issues such as immigration, she just replied, “I liked the way he sounded.”

Is that scary or what?

While I am using the river as a comparison, consider what happens when the flow begins to diminish and the snowpack disappears.

The water becomes clear and free of trash. The fish thrive and the mountains blossom.

Wildlife begins to flourish, the birds sing and we can bask in the warm sun.

The creeks clear up and become safe so the children can swim and play in the water, and the roar of a flood is replaced by gentle sounds of splashing creeks.

Could it be that if the flow of government began to drop, we could realize some positive effects?

When the river is muddy and full of trash, you can’t see into it at all, but when it drops down and clears up, you can see all the way to the bottom. Maybe if government flow was reduced and cleared up, the term “transparency” would become a reality.

Maybe all the people and businesses that fled the river bottom would come back and create jobs.

Our president said Israel should return to 1967 boarders. What if our own federal, state and local governments returned to 1967 levels?

Eliminate every expense, agency and regulation imposed since then, and the aroma of freedom might begin to replace the roar of out-of-control government.

As the trash-filled water roars by, do you ever wonder what is passing beneath the surface that you don’t see? Trust me, there is a lot more trash than what you see on the surface. The same is true of today’s government.

Independence Day is coming up soon. Are we now going to call it dependence day?

“Out On A Limb” appears on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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