Grand River Hospital District mismanaging taxpayer’s dollars |

Grand River Hospital District mismanaging taxpayer’s dollars

Dear Editor,

After reading Lisa Rung’s letter (Oct. 23) I can’t help but respond. My original letter referring to Grand River Hospital District dated Oct. 4 was not published in the Post Independent, but was in the Citizen Telegram. So this will not point to specifics as that one did. I might also add, if Grand Valley Hospital District were a private entity I would not be writing this. But it is funded by our tax dollars, so it is relevant to everyone in the county.

Rifle should display some righteous anger towards the board of directors and upper level management of the hospital district. The mismanagement of the business office and of personnel in the district is inexcusable. It effects the health care of the community, something that is so very important. To publically demean the people who were trying to work there with “basic skills” was wrong.

The fact remains that there are hundreds of thousands of dollars of credits sitting on two computer programs in the district. This money belongs to people who used services, employers and private insurance companies who incorrectly paid for services. Have you ever wondered why your insurance premiums are so high? It was near impossible for the staff to provide refunds.

This is only one of many questionable things happening. Meanwhile, six valley residents lost their jobs to businesses based outside of the valley. How’s that for supporting your community?

Thank you to the people who wrote the anonymous letters in our support. I know the issues I address are only the tip of the iceberg. I also realize your jobs would be at stake if you were to publically support us. It is good to know there are other people who see what is happening in the district and are outraged by it. And yes, it is too bad the board of directors doesn’t take some action.

It would be to the benefit of the county and the district to have an independent auditor brought in. These are our tax dollars that are being mismanaged. The district has an obligation to its employees and to the taxpayers of this county to account for these funds. Most importantly, they have an obligation to a community who needs the health care services the district provides.

Tamara Degler


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