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`Grand Theft Auto’ stealing our children’s morals

Dear Editor,

Whether Jose Clara, the 24-year-old who carjacked a car with a 4-year-old girl still strapped in a car seat, throwing out a 15-year-old boy waiting while his friend was in a Domino’s Pizza, and then sped away, totaled it and was killed, (the girl miraculously survived), had gotten his incentive to do so from the wildly popular among teenage boys bestselling video game, “Grand Theft Auto,” remains to be seen.

But if so, I sincerely hope the Scottish group of programmers, and their company, Rockstar Studios, now based in New York City, personally get sued and imprisoned, Rockstar Studios sued out of existence, and a class-action lawsuit levied against all video stores, websites and magazines that have sold, rented and promoted it.

To the Barela family and other victims of recent carjackings and crimes where “Grand Theft Auto” might be proven to be the incentive, I hope you get them. Congress and the Senate want it off the market, I want it off the market, and every parent I’ve talked with about it wants it off the market. It is rented to any minor at many video stores unless their parents have signed a “must have permission from parent” form.

The game gives points for carjackings, shooting ambulance drivers, firemen and policemen, with all the accompanying spurting blood and screaming. It gives points for pimping and building a stable of prostitutes. It gives points for becoming your own drug cartel.

“Grand Theft Auto” represents the worst of the computer industry to date, and it is not alone. I urge parents to watch what your kids are “playing,” and be a responsible parent and guide or mandate that your kids play games that educate and teach compassion and wisdom, not how to be excited about stealing, maiming, killing and abusing.

In total disgust at the programmers, marketers and popularizers, including Popular Science and others, and video stores that perpetuate this outrageous promulgation of abuse and disregard for the lives of other human beings.

Michael Gibson

Glenwood Springs

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