Gray duped by Iraqi propaganda |

Gray duped by Iraqi propaganda

Bud Huckman

Dear Editor,

I can no longer read about the biased political views of Sue Gray without a response. As I read her latest assessment of the war in Iraq, and the post-war period, I realize she has no clue what is going on there.

Allow me to correct some of the many distorted and incorrect views in her last article. She mentioned the Iraqis had many freedoms under the Ba’ath Party, but political dissent was not among them. Without political dissent you do not have freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, right to assembly, right to petition your governance’s and the right to bear arms. Just ask the Kurds in northern Iraq about freedom of speech and religion.

The article talked about how orderly the Iraqi society appeared before the war and now it is in chaos. It was Saddam’s secret police that enforced the daily activity of the Iraqi people. Those who opposed were tortured or killed. Today, the children are back in school, many adults are back to work and electricity and water is on and flowing.

Your problem began with your “victory tour” to Baghdad earlier this year. The Iraqi Propaganda Ministry duped you and used you against America. What is most troubling to me, you played into their propaganda scheme and spread Iraq’s anti-American trash to your own people.

Bud Huckman


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