Gray’s comparison should be kept under wraps |

Gray’s comparison should be kept under wraps

Dear Editor,

Enough is enough!

Sue Gray has demonstrated her views to the maximum in the GSPI, and I am certain that we are all well aware of her opinions. She obviously is unhappy with our president, unhappy about being in the minority regarding the president’s overall approval ratings, and unhappy with all aspects of our government and our nation. How can a person be so unhappy considering the vast amount of freedoms we possess, i.e., speech, press, religion, etc.?

Ms. Gray’s unhappiness was once again demonstrated by her letter appearing in the June 1 edition of the GSPI, employing our freedom of speech and press, comparing President Bush to Hitler, bristling the hair on the back of my neck!

The state of Israel and the holocaust survivors, among others, would certainly challenge the validity of Ms. Gray’s acid-tone comments. There are times when some opinions and comparisons should be kept under wraps. This was one of those times!

One freedom I neglected to mention above is our freedom of travel. If Ms. Gray is so unhappy with the situation in this country, she certainly has the freedom to choose another location in which to reside. Should she wish to exercise this particular freedom, I am sure any number of veterans would be pleased to stand in line to chip in for a one-way ticket for her to any foreign destination in which she may desire to live! Furthermore, we may even send the Dixie Chicks along for companionship!

Gary C. Marshall


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