Great ride crashes and burns at the end |

Great ride crashes and burns at the end

One caveat about my review of Wedding Crashers: It might be a star or two off because, yes, I wanted to be a wedding crasher myself.One lonely mud season in Breckenridge, my roommate and I came up with a loose plan that paralleled the plot that propels Wedding Crashers, taking advantage my gifts as a natural liar and his tendency never to look out of place at a social event. Even if we had acted on it, hes not exactly Owen Wilson, and Im no Vince Vaughn, so it might not have been as fun as the first two-thirds of the movie. Then again, it might not have been as much of a downer as the last third, either.Its a pretty straightforward premise: Wilson and Vaughn play John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey, who crash wedding parties. The result is a drunken hook-up between Swingers and American Pie throwing in a tryst with the likes of Meet the Parents for good measure. As such, it follows the same path as that threesome, mostly refusing to let good, mean fun get in the way of its sentimental heart. Or vice versa.And Wedding Crashers remains wicked good fun for nearly an hour and a half. Like the American Pie cycle, it makes low comedy a high-wire act with jokes at least as likely to bomb or offend delicate sensitivities as elicit laughs.After distancing himself at least a little from his Swingers role, Vaughn returns to the well with even more aplomb than he did in Old School or Mr. & Mrs. Smith, playing Jeremy as an older version of Double Down Trent after a double espresso. Vaughns rapid-fire insincerity probably makes Wilsons John the more likeable of the two wedding crashers. But I found it easier to sympathize with the kernel of truth he knows you know hes lying in Jeremys jive than dippy, dewy-eyed John, who pitches heartfelt woo at bridesmaids because hes a closet romantic.So its little surprise that the more Wedding Crashers focuses on Johns covert courtship of Claire Cleary, the treasury secretarys daughter, on an island getaway, the more I missed Jeremys pratfalls with firearms and football and bridesmaids and their brothers. What did surprise me, though, is how many other people had the same reaction: Wedding Crashers spends so much time building momentum with its dashing, devil-may-care plot device, then crashes and burns when it tries to become a sweet, conventional romantic comedy.Its important to know when to say when and its just as important to know when not to. My wedding-crashing career never got started, but probably would never have been as fun as the first half of Wedding Crashers, which wastes its momentum at the end.

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