Greatest Loser Contest teams start dropping pounds |

Greatest Loser Contest teams start dropping pounds

Steve Wells
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Submitted photoTeam City Market, from left to right: Jamie Duran, Debbie Rondy, Claudia Craig - Team Captain, Lisa King, Scarlet Easton.

The New Castle Family Fitness Greatest Loser Competition is in full swing. The competitors are attacking their workouts and have already lost a total of 53 pounds. Each competitor needs to be congratulated for taking the first step and committing to an exercise program. This week, we will spotlight Team City Market- New Castle.

In preparation for the competition, the team members outlined their personal goals. They all agreed that they want to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. Here are some of the teams’ goals. “Get a consistent workout routine, and to become healthier, and reduce my body aches,” said Debbie Rondy. Scarlet Easton wants to get into a swimsuit for her vacation.

Lisa King says, “I want more energy and I’d like to feel good about shopping again.” Jamie Duran concluded, “I want to be healthier and learn how to keep exercising because it makes me feel great.”

Cathy Lee, NCFF owner stated, “Our goal is to teach people how to make exercise a part of their everyday life. Fitness is often the last item on the daily agenda in trying to balance school, jobs, relationships and all of the other demands of your daily life. However, if you make living a healthy lifestyle a priority, you will have more energy and enthusiasm for the other areas of your life.”

“People want to feel and look better. A regular exercise program is the key,” says Claudia Craig, Team City Market captain. “I am trying to teach each member to make fitness a life-long habit.”

The goal this week was to concentrate on cardiovascular fitness. The contestants learned about their heart-rate zone, and how to maximize their caloric output. “Again, we are concentrating on a calories in/calories out program for weight loss.”

Each contestant has been instructed to do 45 minutes of cardio per day, seven days a week in order to jump start the metabolism and start burning body fat. Craig has been at NCFF for 10 years and a Personal Trainer for 5 years. She also has a passion for working with seniors and runs the SilverSneakers program at NCFF.

How often? How much? The astonishing thing you will find in changing from a nonexerciser to an exerciser is just how little time it takes to achieve some palpable results. No matter what options you prefer, your program will improve your overall strength and endurance – as long as you stick to it. Conscientious exercisers often work out for hours every day, but it is not necessary, especially when starting a program. If you’re not able to carry on a normal conversation when working out aerobically, you are working too hard. The proper level of exercise should not leave you tired, breathless, or in pain.

“It’s all in the attitude,” adds Nate Rand, NCFF Personal Trainer. “Surround yourself with positive influences and your results will improve.”

Many people can start a fitness program, however staying with it is the problem. You have to create challenging, but achievable goals. Get the whole family involved and work as a team. Other ways to help you stick with it are to surround yourself with supportive people. Get a workout partner. Try a group class. Challenge yourself with something new like a 5k run. It takes time to develop new habits,

Here are some tips for starting an exercise program:

• Be aware of all of your options for working out. Visit facilities you might be interested in. We encourage you to talk to trainers and instructors to gain knowledge about the different programs offered that would suit your needs.

• Get help! Your new fitness program will be much more fun and successful with help from a trainer, a workout buddy, a group class instructor or whoever can be encouraging and hold you accountable.

• Be aware of infomercial gimmicks and diet fads that promise “too good to be true” results. Remember the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

• Start out slow, and be safe. Work your way up to more challenging workouts. Avoid injuries and burn-out by pacing yourself. Those who don’t overdo it the first two weeks have a better chance of long-term success.

• Great minds think alike. Surround yourself with people who encouraging your efforts. Avoid those who can potentially sabotage you.

Aristotle said: “A man who does not care to exercise falls into ill health.” Hopefully these tips will encourage you to start an exercise program in the near future.

Tune in next week as the spotlight will be on Team LaFarge.

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