GSES students get Woodsy on Earth Day |

GSES students get Woodsy on Earth Day

Bobby MagillPost Independent Staff
Post Independent/Kara K. Pearson

Plant a tree, save a planet. It may not be quite that simple, but kids at Glenwood Springs Elementary School learned a thing or two about trees on Friday as part of a two-day Earth Day celebration, which today will feature a campus cleanup and a visit from Woodsy Owl.

On Friday, fifth-graders marched outside to the baseball field to pick up a pine tree for them to plant in their yards. Today, students will not only clean up litter on campus, but plant trees, meet Woodsy Owl and install bird feeders.

The trees and today’s service project were the ideas of a group of students called Roots and Shoots, which decided to clean up the school grounds in celebration of Earth Day, said group advisor and teacher Barb Brown. She said she hopes the fifth-graders will take their pine trees home and watch them grow over the years. Some of the trees could get as tall as 100 feet when fully grown. “Hopefully they’ll learn responsibility in taking care of something they have an investment in, that they’re able to plant themselves and see the growth and the progress of it,” said teacher Paul Ferguson.

Fifth-grader and Roots and Shoots participant Deidre Hiles said she’s looking forward to Saturday’s cleanup because it will make the school a better place. “This Saturday we’re having this Earth Day festival and we plant the trees,” she said, adding that she’s planning to plant her pine tree in a pot when she gets home because she doesn’t have enough room for it in her yard.

Student Collin Page said his family is redoing their backyard, and he hopes to plant his new pine tree as part of the new landscaping. Earth Day, he said, means cleaning up the Earth. “It doesn’t deserve to be littered all around,” he said. “God created it not to be littered.”

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