Glenwood High School grad jumps to give first aid during collision on college trip |

Glenwood High School grad jumps to give first aid during collision on college trip

Alex Cutright assisted Illinois State Patrol trooper involved in an accident Sunday. (Courtesy/Illinois State Patrol)

A Glenwood Springs High School graduate was quick to help out after witnessing a three-car collision during treacherous road conditions in Illinois during a trip with a college group Sunday.

Alex Cutright, 2018 graduate of Glenwood High, was on a trip with the leadership team from Monmouth College in Monmouth, Ill., where he studies biochemistry, to Memphis, Tenn. for a volunteer service project.

The bus driver transporting around 30 people from Monmouth veered into the median of Interstate 55 near Farmersville, Ill., to avoid colliding with traffic stopped on the slick roads and obscured by blowing snow, Cutright said.

While the students were waiting in the median, the vehicle of an Illinois State Patrol trooper was involved in an accident, with the trooper inside.

A car attempted to brake while approaching the parked troopers’ vehicle, but “lost control of the vehicle and struck the rear” of the patrol car, according to the Illinois State Patrol press release. The civilian car then spun out and collided with a third car on the interstate

“Milliseconds after that happened, Alex jumps up and tears out of the bus to help the people who got hit,” according to Jacob McLean, assistant director of leadership and service with Monmouth College.

“There was no hesitation for him. Adrenaline took over and he was out the door,” McLean said.

Cutright went first to the trooper, and then to the two passengers of the other vehicle, he said.

“I controlled some of their bleeding, and helped stabilize the head,” Cutright said. There was the potential the high-speed collision could have injured the passengers’ spines, he said.

The trooper and the driver of the other vehicle were transported to the hospital with minor injuries, according to the Illinois State Patrol.

Cutright has been a lifeguard for the pool at the Glenwood Springs Community Center for the past four summers, he said, and through that experience he received first-aid training.

Cutright and the other Monmouth students are spending spring break in Memphis to clean up polluted rivers with Living Lands and Waters, an environmental nonprofit organization.

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