Guest opinion: Illegal immigration is tool of the 1 percent |

Guest opinion: Illegal immigration is tool of the 1 percent

After reading the PI’s “We stand in support of immigrants,” I hoped Mr. Essex would allow me space for a counterpoint. He did and I thank him.

First, I take exception to the P.I.’s characterization of the majority in America that are against illegal immigration and naive open border policies preached by the “progressive” liberal media.

The PI says using “illegal” as a noun and the term “anchor babies” is pejorative and offensive. Yet the P.I. labels those who disagree with their viewpoint: “xenophobic, ludicrous, hate(ful), racist, baselessly fearful, mean-spirited, ignorant, dangerous and un-American.’ Phew. Sounds like the Post calling the kettle pejorative stuff.

I have often admitted that should I have had the misfortune of being born south of the border in some Third World country, I’d swim the Rio Grande till I was too old to float. But, I would also expect the same consequences to my actions as if I’d broken into someone’s home. My motives are not hateful, racist or xenophobic. My concern is for the American worker.

I think society has lost respect for an honest day’s work. We allow the rich to get richer at the expense of the poor American citizen workers by exploiting the poorer, undocumented foreign workers. American business ethics are found on their bottom lines and with our government’s support, continually screw the American worker.

Illegal immigration is the tool the 1 percent and wannabes use to flood the labor pool with cheap half-price labor, which destroys the bottom of the wage scale. Wage scales, like a house, are built from the bottom up. A weak, unstable foundation can cause the house to collapse. That flooded labor pool, caused by illegal immigration, keeps millions of American citizens underemployed and underpaid.

In ‘86 when Reagan granted amnesty to millions of immigrants, we were promised border security. Eleven to 15 million more undocumented immigrants later, you see how well that worked. The government lied because the Democrats can’t get enough Hispanic votes and the Republicans can’t get enough cheap labor.

Even Hispanics don’t want any more illegal immigration. But that doesn’t match the “progressive” liberal media’s agenda. So what we have to hear is the drone of big business shills and naive idealists who don’t have a clue.

The PI wants us the reward those millions who broke our laws of with precious U.S. citizenship while encouraging ever more millions to breach our borders through non-enforcement of even the weak immigration laws we do have.

The PI’s assertion that “the vast majority of current-day immigrants in our region are here legally,” is as ridiculous as it is unverifiable. What’d the PI do, conduct a secret survey? Or is this just some “barely veiled blather” from the liberal “progressive” media?

As for the constitutional right to native-born citizenship, we and our frigid neighbors to the north are the only two countries in the world that have such a inane motivation to breach our borders, but then the PI thinks that net immigration is low so who needs border security, right?

We say we’re tired of the same old dysfunctional politicians in Washington. But when a candidate comes along who eschews political correctness for straight talk, who actually believes we should enforce our immigration laws, and who is the only candidate not financially beholding to any PACs or special interests, the “progressive” left and the establishment right, tear their robes and pull out their hair screaming “blasphemy!”

And speaking of blasphemy, the first pope, St. Peter, actually lived the vows of poverty the Catholic Church only prays about today. If Pope Francis sold all the church’s golden bells and whistles and property, it could tend the world’s poor many times over. But it’s always easier being generous with other people’s interests. By the way, how many refugees did Francis invite to Vatican city? Francis could eliminate poverty in the Third World by advocating birth control. But then again how better to assure Armageddon prophesy than to tacitly help it along?

For me charity begins at home.

A couple of years ago when Barack was trying to shove his pipe dream for dreamers down our throats, he said the only thing standing in the way of these illegal dreamers was “a piece of paper.” Citizenship to me is vastly more that a “piece of paper.” It is a membership in the greatest country in the history of the world with the most personal freedom and opportunity anywhere.

To improve our quality of life we must secure our borders. To maintain national security we must control our borders. We allow over a million legal immigrants to become citizens every year.

My “golden rule” reads, “Do unto others as they’ve done unto you.” Check out how Mexico treats people in that country illegally.

Bruno Kirchenwitz of Rifle is a regular letter writer.

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