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"Guy" movies a good escape

Out There
Stina Sieg
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

A few days ago, I was antsy and claustrophobic at work. This is an amazing job, I know, but I’ve never been in an office setting before. What an adjustment.

I drove home, made lunch and popped “Tommy Boy” into my computer. Ah, instant comfort.

It was only Monday, by the way.

When I was little, movies like that (fun ones with loose morals) were just a distraction. These days, after (or during) a week of work , they’re a necessity. They’re a window into a freer way of being, I guess you can could say.

To be specific, I’m talking about “guy” movies here.

“Kingpin.” “Meatballs.” “Super Troopers.” And so on.

I love them all.

Of course they’re predictable. They’ve got skirt-chasing, drinking and illicit drug use aplenty. In the end, the “bad guys” get their just desserts. The heroes, usually outcasts, win ” in their own way.

I’ve heard people malign these movies. They call them dumb or pointless, maybe even offensive. Yet to me, they’re so much more. They speak of our basic wants: To be popular, to have fun, to get over our fears. Essentially, they’re all about being yourself. Who doesn’t support that?

But enough explanation. As a “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” fan might tell you, words are definitely not the point here.

The truth is, more often than not I feel the need to clean my house or go for a run. I want to plan and worry. Frequently, I just have to go out and accomplish something.

Perhaps, however, the other side the coin is just as important. I think there’s a time when we all need to kick back, maybe crack open a beer and let “Animal House” wash over us.

Right now, I can’t imagine a more satisfying weekend.

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