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Hanging Lake trail will be closed Monday and Tuesday

Hanging Lake

The Hanging Lake trail will be closed Monday and Tuesday for maintenance.

A Rocky Mountain Youth Corps crew is scheduled to construct new rock steps to Spouting Rock, remove graffiti from and repaint bridges, and clear coat the resting benches along the trail.

The trail and the lake had record users last year, and the Forest Service, Colorado Department of Transportation and other parties are working on improved management tactics to minimize damage to the sensitive lake and to the steep 1.2-mile trail. Hikers should know that dogs are not allowed on the trail and, once at the top, visitors must stay out of the water to preserve its pristine qualities.

The Colorado Department of Transportation will close exit 125 and its off-ramp, and the Forest Service will post staff at the trailhead during the closures.

It is the second of three planned trail closures this warm season, after a two-day closure just before Memorial Day.

The remaining scheduled closure is Sept. 10, when Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers hosts its annual Hanging Lake Trail work day.

For more information about the management of Hanging Lake, contact the Eagle-Holy Cross Office at 970-827-5715.

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