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Harleys aren’t the only noisemakers

Dear Editor,

I’ve been following the letters from Steve Smith and those who are defending the Harley Davidson rally. I do agree with Mr. Smith’s point of the noise the motorcycles make, however …

I live on Pitkin Avenue in Glenwood Springs. Here’s the thing – and it may come as a news flash to some – Harleys aren’t the only noisemakers around. If we’re complaining about noise, let’s talk about the gravel and dump trucks and semis that travel my street on a daily basis. Not to mention the cars with the loud thumping stereos that I can feel in my house.

Many cars don’t have adequate mufflers because we don’t require an annual vehicle inspection to help combat that particular problem (no adequate muffler, no new tags). Have you tried to have a conversation on any corner on Grand Avenue lately? It’s difficult simply because of the mass of cars.

Personally, I think the Harley rally is a great idea. It’s not any worse than the noise we already have.

Maybe the people who come visit for the rally have never been to Colorado before and won’t come again, but Glenwood is a spectacular place to get a first good look at our state. Most local people are kind and friendly and the views around us are amazing.

Why make such a fuss over one weekend? It’s not a month, or six months or a year. They aren’t making this a Harley Davidson mecca. Just some folks out to enjoy their hobby. If you don’t like it, go out of town that weekend or just deal with it.

Bet we all have some hobby that will annoy someone. That’s the beauty of living in the good ol’ USA – we can go where we want, when we want and, within the law, we don’t have to ask if anyone cares!

There are bigger problems in this valley than an upcoming rally – maybe we should turn our attention to those rather than waste our energy on this one.


Sandi Fairbanks

Glenwood Springs

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