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Having fun with mix-and-match headboards

ROSEMARY SADEZ FRIEDMANNScripps Howard News ServiceGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Bedroom headboards can be more than just a support for the rails that hold up the mattress. They can also be something other than the headboard that came with the original bedroom set.Let’s get creative.Why not try using no headboard at all. Many things can go on the wall where the bed will sit other than a conventional headboard. A mirror from ceiling to floor on that wall always adds pizzazz to the room, particularly if the bedspread on the bed is exceptionally attractive. The mirror will then reflect its beauty, enhancing the room with the reflection.Painting that wall in a bold color, then adding some type of mural where the headboard would go is another exciting and enhancing way to treat the room. If the room belongs to a child, then something whimsical might be painted in place of the headboard. Maybe a clown, a favorite cartoon character, balloons, kites or sailboats. If the room belongs to an adult, perhaps two posters and a headboard can be elaborately painted on the wall.Another idea is to put nothing on the wall and simply adding oversized pillows to the bed that rest on the wall in place of the headboard. The pillows don’t have to be sleeping pillows, just decorative ones that ‘sleep’ on the floor or in the closet at night and decorate the bed during the day.Fabric draped from ceiling to floor is another wall treatment that can be employed. The fabric can be pleated and attached to the wall from ceiling to floor. Or padding can be applied to the wall, with the fabric stretched over it, to give the wall an added dimension. Staple the perimeter of the fabric to the wall and then attach a frame of fabric around that perimeter to hide the staples and finish the look.Expanding on this fabric idea, take fabric that matches the bedspread and put it into a frame or several various sized frames. Hang those framed fabrics on the wall, and something creative has been added to the room. One big frame could serve as one big upholstered headboard. Several framed fabrics can be arranged like pictures on the wall. If the fabric is very colorful, a thought might be to paint frames different colors to match the variety in the fabric. Once you start going on this idea, your creativity will be awakened.It also can be fun to use a real headboard, but one that’s more exciting than the one that came with the set. For example, a very contemporary bedroom set would be enhanced with a very antique headboard. The same interesting look works in reverse where the bedroom set is a family hand-me-down type while the headboard is a state-of-the-art replacement.It can take a good eye to pull this sort of switch off. Some styles just don’t look good together, but don’t be afraid to experiment. One way to experiment without spending money is to take pictures of various headboards and various bedroom sets. Cut out the pictures and play with mixing and matching. A cut and paste idea might work if your good with computer programs for pictures.Whatever is done, the important thing is that the finished product is pleasant to the user and everyone using the room has pleasant dreams while snoozing therein.Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, an interior designer in Naples, Fla., is author of “Mystery of Color,” available at Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Amazon.com.

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