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He Says: ‘Rumor’ doesn’t have it

Dan ThomasSpecial to the Post Independent

“Rumor Has It…” left me feeling like it left something out – and even though it was only 96 minutes long, I don’t think it was footage.It certainly doesn’t want for backstory or concept. “Rumor Has It…” uses “The Graduate” as a starting point. It’s a premise that suggests a slick, self-referential comedy like “The Player” that sends up its source material even while paying tribute to it.But that’s a fine line – maybe a little too fine for “Rumor Has It…” It’s not a sequel per se, since it references “The Graduate” as both a book and a movie. But since it accepts what happened in “The Graduate” as basically true, it’s close enough to serve as a sequel and dull whatever edge ironic distance might have provided.That premise certainly has possibilities: Jennifer Aniston plays Sarah Huttinger, a young woman who deduces Mrs. Robinson of “The Graduate” might be her grandmother (Shirley MacLaine). Some 40 years later, Sarah is trying to make sense of how the script dovetails with her life – and somebody should be making fun of the Pasadena culture that spawned them.It’s tempting here to say “Rumor Has It…” might have benefited from a director with a more deft touch, but I can’t think of a pair of hands it would be better off in than Rob Reiner’s.Nor can I say the cast lacks star power, as it includes not only Aniston and MacLaine, but Kevin Costner and Mena Suvari. Aniston and Mark Ruffalo are at least plausible as a couple, so it’s hard to blame it on chemistry, either.But while “Rumor Has It…” promises to update a classic movie for this decade and occasionally delivers laugh-out-loud lines, it leaves something out. Maybe it was the Lemonheads covering “Mrs. Robinson.”

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