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Heads should roll over Enron scandal

Dear Editor,

Heads should roll and people should be voted out of office because the truth is now coming out about Enron and its ties to the President and his Administration, and for president and his party, the news is not good.

An audit by the Senate Finance Committee shows that “hundreds of millions of dollars” in loans and other government support had been given to Enron for “risky” overseas projects.

It was also reported that the Export Import Bank, which is a federal economic-development agency, gave over $650 million in loans to other Enron related projects.

To top it off, Enron has an outstanding balance of $965 million in federal loans that will no doubt never be repaid. Please remember that this is taxpayer money; remember that this money will never be paid back to you and me.

Another fact: Because of the deals made by the President and his administration, the taxpayers of America may now be on the hook for $1.059 billion in loans and insurance policies for 12 projects that included Enron involvement.

The impression of corruption appears with the campaign donations and the intimate relationship between Enron and the administration.

For example, was it just coincidental that just four days before the approval of a major Enron project, a $100,000 donation was given to the President’s party? I don’t think so! I smell corruption.

Was it coincidental that Ken Lay and other Enron executives got seats on at least four Energy Department trade mission trips? I doubt it. These actions reek of corruption to the highest level!

Was it coincidental that while on one of these trips, it was announced that a federal loan worth $400 million dollars had been approved to an Enron-led group that planned to build a $920 million dollar electric power plant in India? Corruption I tell you, corruption!

Was it just a coincidence that in the 2000 election year, Enron contributed $530,000 to the president’s party? I truly doubt it! In my opinion this was nothing but a payoff for the inside deals.

I truly hope these facts cause an outrage from the people of America. I hope these facts will cause people to get up off of their butts and go out and register to vote. When it comes time to vote, I hope people will remember which administration provided all these sweetheart deals to Enron. The Clinton Administration!

When I said the President and his party were in trouble, I meant the former President and the Democratic Party. These seemingly corrupt loans and sweetheart deals all occurred before President Bush took office.

That’s right, all these things occurred during the Clinton Administration. The campaign donations I spoke of were to President Clinton, and other leaders of the Democratic Party, the trips taken by Enron executives with the Energy Department, all during the Clinton Administration. The $1.059 billion dollars in unpaid loans and insurance policies that the taxpayers will be on the hook for, all because of the sweetheart deals made by the Clinton Administration and his party. One can only wonder what deals the Clinton Administration made with Global Crossing.

Yes, heads should roll and people should be voted out of office, hopefully the voters are smart enough to know which ones!

Thank you,

Doug Myers

Glenwood Springs

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