Health care fix is simple |

Health care fix is simple

Health care fix is simpleDear Editor,Everybody talks about our lack of a national health care program. Fixing it is very simple. Pass a law that zero tax dollars can be used to pay for any elected official’s health insurance. That’s local, state, and especially federal.Who knows? Maybe someday we can do the same thing with war.Tony HumphryCarbondaleCongress will spend it Dear Editor,I get a quite a chuckle whenever I read a letter from one of the poor saps who have bought into Bush’s scheme to “save” Social Security. I just read the letter from a lady who believes that “personal accounts” invested in Treasury bonds are more secure than “the current government junk IOUs,” and that they would prevent Congress from spending her retirement money.Of course, the junk IOUs she is referring to are Treasury bonds, and, of course, Congress can and will spend any money she invests in Treasury bonds (that is what Treasury bonds exist for, after all). In addition, if she thinks that calling an account “personal” will keep Congress from getting their hands on the money, she is quite naïve (hint: income taxes on Social Security benefits). Robert LewisGlenwood SpringsRide smart; stupid hurtsDear Editor,As an avid motorcycle rider, I would like to take this opportunity to remind all drivers that the motorcycles are back on the street for the season. Please be careful and give motorcycles the same respect you do a car or truck. I would also like to explain to some drivers why I do the things I do when riding.First, a motorcycle rider who is coming to a stop at an intersection and is behind a vehicle will stop with the bike either to the far left or right of the car in front of him. This is to give the rider an escape route until he is covered (has a stopped car behind him). Please do not pull up next to me and put your front bumper even with my leg. Give the motorcycle the same room you would for a car.Second, do not enter my lane with your car when you want to take a left in front of me. You wouldn’t do that to me when I’m driving my truck, so why do it when I’m on a bike? A motorcycle may be “thin” and may not require the same space as a vehicle. But that lane is mine on the bike, same as when I’m in my truck. Also, if you hit my truck, no big deal. I can get another. If you hit my motorcycle – you hit me! Can you give me another body?Third: Stop far enough behind me that you can see my feet and taillight. If you can’t see either of these, you are too close. If I stall my engine on takeoff, you may not have enough time to react. Please give motorcycles the proper respect.And last of all, I would like to urge all riders to always wear helmets and protective gear. I have lost two friends in single-cycle accidents since last September. Remember to ride smart, because stupid hurts.Brad GatesGlenwood SpringsRape victims deserve considerationDear Editor,I recently heard that a bill had been vetoed in Colorado that would have required health institutions to provide information on emergency contraception (also called the morning-after pill) to victims of rape. Reportedly, some had objected to the bill because it did not require telling the rape victims that the drug often causes early-term abortions.Colorado Gov. Bill Owens was quoted as saying, “Without informed consent, a woman could innocently violate her personal, moral and religious beliefs about when life begins.”Regarding the concept of consent, there did not seem to be any acknowledgement that women already had their bodies violated (and used without their consent) by their rapists. Emergency contraception, when taken quickly enough after sex, has a huge potential to prevent a second violation of the women’s bodies, this time by a fertilized egg.Why is there no concern for these women or their right not to have their bodies used unless they give their explicit and uncoerced consent to such usage, regardless of what party is doing the using?Julie A. RobichaudSan AntonioPaintball arena would make moneyDear Editor,I think that our town should build a paintball arena. I think that it will make a good amount of money because many of my friends drive out to Rifle just to play paintball, and their old brothers usually do it with them. There is plenty of room near the new shopping center.Michael BraklowGlenwood Springs

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